WooHoo!!! I'm back..on SDMB anyway

I love Dope! Man I’ve missed SDMB SO MUCH! I’m a soldier deployed to Afghanistan. We can’t access the board on the govt computers over there. There is one computer center on post that will allow me to get on the board but my job doesn’t let me get over there very often. (BTW I’m on Leave in Austin right now)
When I go back to Afghanistan I’ll have about 7 more months in country. The mission is boring (thankfully!) but it got me a house. I may get some toys like a lathe and mill and maybe even a car project. I’ve always wanted a workshop and a hot rod :cool:

Just had to share some Mundane Pointless Stuff.

Glad to see you back in the state, Lee. It’s a shame you can’t get to the computer center more often when you’re on duty, but them’s the breaks I guess.

Have fun in Austin, drink some beer on Sixth Street for me, will ya?

Welcome back and thank you for what you’re doing for us over there. Many here appreciate and honor you for it.
Again, thanks and welcome back.

For once, I am glad that someone is having a boring life.

What Scott Plaid said. Welcome home and keep yourself safe when you go back to Afghanistan Lee.

I’ll drink enough beer for ALL of you. Good stuff too; no swill for me, thanks. I’m also going to brew some up. There was a recipe published in one of the brewing mags a couple of years ago for a bad-a Porter. It’s got 13.9% ABV and needs about 8 months to ferment/mellow out. It will be a nice homecoming gift to myself.

Thanks Scott and Swamp. I’m also glad I have a boring life right now. I’ve been building models of classic cars over there to keep from getting too bored (Duesenbergs, a Bugatti, and a '35 M-B coupe). I’m also going to take a class to get a Realtor’s license. The guy who found my house was a friend first. He wants me to go to work with him when I get back. I think I’d enjoy that a lot more than my last job (apprentice plumber. Installations only. I didn’t really chase turds!)

Glad you’re here safe now, and I’d like to add my heartfelt thanks for your time and service.