Worchestershire-Sauced Popcorn

Can’t have my 'corn without it!

How about you guys? Any unusual food combos goin’ on out there in Doperland?

I used to eat HP Sauce sandwiches when I was little (HP Sauce is a tangy brown sauce, not quite barbecue and not quite sweet-and-sour). Then I became older and wiser, and sold my sandwiches to other kids at school.


We’ve been friends for a long time. I remember the times you spoke up for me when no one else on the board would. I can even remember back to when you were just Canonlyhearyaalittlebit. You’re one of my favorite dopers. But I can never, in a million years, understand why ANYONE WOULD PUT WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE ON POPCORN!

You want strange? Try these two threads.

I’ve always enjoyed popcorn with those golden raisins and parmesean cheese on it. Strange? Probably. Tasty? Definitely.

Personally, I never drink anything but 2% milk with my popcorn. If there’s no milk, I’ll skip the popcorn.

I like plain m & m’s mixed with hot popcorn. Can’t beat the sweet, salty taste. Mmmm…

Anyone remember those wonderful gooey, caramelly popcorn balls that you could pull out a tooth with if you weren’t careful? My grandmother used to make them.

Someone got a recipe?

Is anybody going to correct the thread title?

‘Worchestershire sauce’… no such thing. Worcestershire, methinks.

I’m a lemon freak. I have to have a dish of lemon juice with me whenever I eat chicken. It is a must. I dip it and savor.

Also with popcorn I eat it with parm. cheese and butter. lots of parm. cheese.

I also only like the salt from McDonalds on French fries. I save it in a drawer for whenever I eat other types of french fries. It is really fine salt.

I also can’t stand ice. I get all my drinks with no or little ice. And whenever people chew ice it drives me crazy!

Oh my goodness. My grandmother used to make them, every Halloween, and gave them out as treats (this was in a small Oklahoman town, well before people shunned homemade treats from little old ladies). I’m going to have to look for her recipe. They were a bit of heaven.

So I misspelled Worcestershire. I thought I might have but decided it wasn’t worth the effort of toolin’ downstairs to check. Pfffffffft!

Yo Plutobaby! Don’t let my weird taste scare ya away!

Sorry, Plootz, I’m with Canthearya on this one. If you’ve ever had homemade Chex Snack Mix with W/S, seasoning salt and butter…GoodGodY’all, that’s good eatin’.

I used to just pepper my popcorn, but lately, I’ve been putting Cajun or Creol seasoning on everything from popcorn to turkey and provolone bagels. <yum>

I prefer garlic powder, butter and a little salt. Yum!