Words Fail Me [infanticide]

Father gets life for baby murder

92 days old you fucking bastard.

22 years is not enough.

That’s just round the corner from where my grandparents lived.

Plus five counts of GBH. Holy living fuck.

Makes this story, Couple return adopted baby because it “didn’t work out”, which I intended to pit, pale into insignificance.

Jesus fucking Christ, what a monster.

What an asshole.

That’s fucked up.

May i be permitted to add another story, also from the UK, about an equally contemptible person?

This sort of stuff, and the OP’s story, just boggle the mind.

What does GBH stand for?

Never mind, my brain finally caught up to the information it was given.

IIRC, it stands for Grevious Bodily Harm.

I’m guessing, grievous bodily harm.

rayh, please make a descriptive thread title in the future. I’ve edited this one.

And yet, people still argue against the death penalty on the basis that it’s cruel and that it goes against the concept of “sanctity of life”. Uh, no. Holding an infant’s face in a fire and then fracturing his skull abridges the concept of sanctity of life. Executing the asshole who did so is simply justice.

I thought it was a drug.

Great British Hero.

OK, OK, that was unnecessary. Sorry.


Sorry. This American thought GBH was a relatively frequently-used Britishism for “Great British Hero,” normally used sardonically. I was under that impression because of the Birmingham pun k band, GBH…which I just found out does NOT stand for Great British Hero. Apparently, I just made that up.

I’ll go with Great Blue Heron, then.

Well, it’s that too, but in England i believe that Assault with Grievous Bodily Harm is sort of the equivalent to America’s Aggravated Assault.

No, that’s GHB, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate.

And, on the “cases that support captial punishment” issue, how about this? The worst excesses of fiction always pale in comparison to what people actually are prepared to do. :frowning:

Words fail me as well.

I do think that as a society, we have the right to permanently remove from our midst, ‘people’ who perpetrate acts so unconscionable.

From Tevildo’s link:

“The baby’s mother was unaware of the abuse until detectives visited her home after finding photographs detailing the abuse at Webster’s home.”

The article must have left something out. Abuse that would show in a photo should be evident to mom.

What’s missing in people who can even conceive of stuff like this, let alone actually doing it? Is there more than one species of human?

We need to look at their brains. Where’s Dr. Lecter?

What’s up with the disparity in the sentencing in this case? Webster (the man) received a life sentence; the woman (French) admitted one more “indencent assault” charge and three more rape charges than Webster, yet she only received a five year prison sentence. Now Webster admitted to additional separate charges, and for all I know he may have a prior record and French may not, but would this justify the disparity in sentencing?

I don’t mean to hijack the OP, but Judge Findlay Baker is quoted in the article as saying that French “looked forward to [the crimes]” BUT that she "was also a victim and had come under Webster’s ‘malign influence’ and was to some extent ‘corrupted by him’. " What? So if I want to commit some horrible crime, all I have to do is go find a man who will “influence” me so that I can later get off on the charges? Because after all, everyone knows that women are physically incapable of harming children. :rolleyes:

What shame to the criminal justice system, who will set a rapist free in five years (if she even serves that long) so that some male judge can keep his warm fuzzy mommy fantasies intact. Gd forbid this was your child who was harmed, Judge Baker.

I’m glad to be informed now that women can never do anything especially heinous unless under the influence of a Big Bad Male. I guess my feminist professor was right–women aren’t even good enough to be the Devil. Heaven help those families who are victimized by female sex offenders, because they’ll rarely get justice.

It appears that there’s going to be an AG’s reference ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bucks/herts/4674980.stm ) on this case, so the sentence disparity will be reconsidered. Without reading the entire judgement, it’s impossible to say why there is such a difference. I agree that it doesn’t seem fair, though.

Killing people is cruel and against the sanctity of life. Yeah, I would agree with that statement.

I agree with you here as well. Government-sanctioned infant-face-in-fire-holding and infant-skull-fracturing should cease immediately.

And yet, I disagree with you on this point. The logic doesn’t quite follow.