Worf's Son Busted.

You probably won’t recognize him being four feet taller and without the brow ridges.

No, I wouldn’t have. Too bad another child star seems to be going off the rails.

I just recently found out that Jodie Sweetin of “Full House” had about a decade of alcohol and drug abuse before straightening out.

You’d think after the scandals with Drew Barrymore and Adam Rich that child actor’s welfare would be more closely monitored. Instead, they’re still being thrown on the rubbish pile once they’re not cute little kids anymore. :frowning:

Oh lord, he has a neck tattoo. He’s going to prison and he’s dishonored his family.

You must kill your cellmate, or be Dishonored!
Right here, right now!

That’s a courthouse haircut if I ever saw one.

I remember him better as the annoying little kid on Family Ties!

Woosh? :confused: He’s not Worf’s son.

But he played him on TV…

You mean Alexander? As in Star Trek? That kid is white.

Nevertheless, he IS Alexander.

Makeup. :slight_smile:

They have this stuff in Hollywood called “makeup”: Brian Bonsall | Memory Alpha | Fandom

ETA: D’oh! carnivorousplant beat me too it.

Plus Alexander had prominent Klingon like brow ridges that Bonsall doesnt seem to have in that pic. Though he could have had them removed.

I think there was a virus going around.

Well damn!! It just never occured to me that they wouldn’t hire a black actor.

Seems like it would be a lot easier that way.

Oh, well.

(thanks for putting up with my ignorance guys. :slight_smile:

The Duras Sisters were played by whites: http://www.thelope.com/images/08-06-07-024.jpg
You are being redirected...

Christopher Lloyd played a Klingon in one of the movies. A lot of Klingon actors were white.

And a lot of Ferengi weren’t Jewish. :slight_smile:

And Christopher Plummer!


Gah! I think they were less scary as Klingons.