Working from home: AKA, oops, it's after 2am

Don’t get me wrong - I love working from home. But shit, the wife’s out of town, and I got to working, and now it’s after two in the fucking morning. Do I have an internal clock, or what? How did this happen? I can’t fucking tell time? Oh well, looks like it’s On Demand until I fall asleep in two hours or so. I should’ve bagged this shit and gone to the concert. [sub]grumble[/sub]

Stick it all on the time-sheet, and take a day of in leiu?


I’d rather him not.

I’m luckier – I work from home too, but when I work into the wee small hours of the morning, every hour still counts (self-employed, commissioned). Still throws out the ol’ sleep patterns, mind.

Seeing as you’re salaried Dooku – try not to do it too often, mate. Unless there’s bonuses to be had.

As a computer games nerd, I usually stay up till 01.15. :eek:


This is why I never work at night. I’ve found it’s better for me and the family if I work traditional hours.