world cup

a question for the American readers: the rugby world cup kicked off today, it’s a big deal in the UK and other countries, but do any americans actually care about how their team does, and more to the point are many Americans actually aware that this tournament in occuring?

We have a rugby team?

yep, and your in the world cup!

Sounds cool. I used to watch it on ESPN 2 or 3, but it’s been a while.

[off to search for listings]

I’m not sure how to find US TV coverage but rugby 365 is a good place to start for internet coverage.

The US’s first game is against Fiji on Oct 15 (Aussie time remember, they’re a day ahead of you lot)

Australia managed to beat Argentina 24-8 in the first game of the tournament. Both sides looked pretty rusty, with the Argentinian goal kicker having an absolute shocker, rivalled only for ineptitude by their hooker’s throwing in to the lineout. Hopefully both teams will improve for the next games.

Isn’t it a big tradition for the US side to be trounced by whomever they’re playing?

Lots of college age kids play rugby on the greens in the mid- South west by my observation. Glad the home boys get to play…

As a matter of fact you Yanks have really improved over the last few years and I don’t think you will do to badly this time around.

They’re not too bad in the Sevens actually. But that’s a whole different ballgame.

I attended the All Blacks versus Italy match today. Part of a corporate event. Opened a seperate thread about drinking beers with Eric Rush and Stu Wilson…

The US is ranked 14 out of 63 national teams. Good luck to you! I hope the US Dopers at least will watch the matches, even if the rest of the country doesn’t appear to give a shit. :wink:

Ireland’s rated #3, so I think the rating system might be a little off… The lack of Murphy is going to dent this too. Anyway I was up at 8 this morning to watch Ireland semi-trounce Romania. I’m a bit shocked that we* allowed them to score quite so many points. Going out this afternoon to watch the match all over again in repeat. How sad is that?

*I admit that I have changed allegiance by osmosis.

While we’re on this subject, I must say how much I admire the adopt a second team campaign by Australia. That’s absolutely charming, and indicative of the gentlemanly spirit of the game.

English fans aren’t going to be too happy about that, jjimm. :wink:

Uh, that’s a reply to your first post.

The adopt a team thing is pretty neat.