Worse place to live: the musical theatre universe, or the DC comics Universe?

Because I’m feeling silly, obviously

By “musical theatre universe,” I mean a world that operates according to the rules of the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling.” Strong emotions will move you (and others) to sing in an appropriate genre. No burning up, though. You’ll have a passable (at least) voice while under such influence; music will come from nowhere; and rhyming, rhythm, and dance will come instinctively.

The DC comics universe is, of course, the current version. Pluses include a much higher proportion of hot people of both genders, the possibility of getting super-powers via lightning bolt or whatever, and enormously higher tech levels. The minuses include monthly alien invasions, weekly volcanic eruptions, and the Joker.

Forced to choose between these two options (and death), which do you pick and why?

The answers to the poll question assume a different question than the thread title. I answered “which one would you rather live in?” which is pretty obviously the Musical Theater Universe on account of the not wanting to suddenly die factor.

I’ve secretly dreamed of living in the musical theatre universe for my entire life. Where do I sign up?

Yeah, the thread title and the poll options don’t match. Perhaps a do-over is in order, and don’t let the flying monkeys do the typing for you.

The comics universe (DC, Marvel, whatever) would be worse. At least in the musical theater world they don’t wipe out the universe and start a new one every decade or so.

Wein, Wieb und Gesang – what more could you wish for?

Do you come from some strange alternate universe in which I am not an asshole? :smiley:

You must have a goatee! Perhaps the Bizarro Skald is simple…

I selected the option I preferred–the musical one, of course–and ignored the dissonance with the thread title.

Would you settle for an alternate universe where you are just confused?

I wasn’t confused. I noticed the dissonance before I submitted the post, then said, “Fuck it.”

I voted for the pure hell option. If, however, you expanded the rules so that all songs sung in the musical universe were written by Sondheim, I might change my vote.

I could leave in the SondheimVerse. But the WebberVerse? Death would not only be better, but MUCH better.

I have to choose the universe in which Wonder Woman and Power Girl exist. Rowr.

The musical Buffyverse. Not because I’m a big fan of Buffy, but this sold me:

You mean I won’t have a singing voice that would shatter plastic? I can sing! I can sing!

It’s really kind of tragic
I’m unlikely to get magic
or any super-gain

(te deedly deedly pom)

In a world with a Joker
He may blow me into smoke or
just liquify my brain
Oh, I just don’t know why
Superpowers go to the young -
Older people sometimes get stung
But they never even grow an extra tongue.

(bim bum)

Sure, a world full of singing
would set my head to ringing
But I probably survive

(te deedly deedly pom)

I may spend all day a-rhymin’
and I’d have to work on my timing
But at least I’d be alive.

To the tune of ‘If I only had a Brain’

I agree with Duke’s reasoning. Plus, musicals tend to end happily for everybody but the bad guys, while in modern comics, everybody who doesn’t die in random and violent fashion seems to wallow in misery, [del]even[/del] especially the good guys.

So in the spirit of the OP, I chose a poll option that does not actually represent my opinion in any way.

And for Og’s sake, if you’re a woman and you pick the comic book world, don’t get romantically involved with a superhero! You’ll end up stuffed dead into a refrigerator!

Do we have any idea which one will be safer in the long run? The Buffyverse has the singing, but also has the body-count. The Ozverse is pretty safe, unless you’re water-soluble. Dr. Horribleverse would seem to have the worst of both worlds, the singing AND the slaughter.

Not that I’m only concerned with safety. What are my odds of getting superpowered in the Heroverse?

Musical Theatre Earth. I think I already live there.

Well, let’s check. Think of your first love, who, all those years ago, ripped out your heart and ate it in front of you.

Did a trombone start playing? Did a spotlight appear? Did clever rhymes immediately come to mind?