Worst movie ever! Plan 9 on TCM

Plan 9 From Outer Space, infamously known as the “worst movie ever” will be broadcast early on the morning of 3/10 starting at 3:30 a.m. EDT. This Ed Wood directed movie has Bela Lugosi in his last starring role. Lugosi passed away while filming this movie. Set your DVR or VCR. TCM is available on most basic cable systems and is commercial-free, so this is worth catching.

I love this movie. I saw it for the first time last year when it was on TCM and was amazed at how entertaining it is. Maybe it helped that I saw Ed Wood first, so it was easy to picture that gloriously happy director, working with his idol.

Any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 knows one thing: Not only isn’t “Plan 9 From Outer Space” not the worst movie ever, it isn’t even in the top 10. The sole reason this film has gained the reputation is has is because sleazy movie reviewer/moralist/opportunist Michael Medved and his brother Harry owned a print of this particular bad movie and named it the “worst movie of all time” in their 1980 book “The Golden Turkey Awards”. But it was merely the worst movie they happened to own a print of that happened to be in the public domain.

“Plan 9” is Citizen Fricken’ Kane compared to “Manos, the Hands of Fate”.

Actually, Lugosi passed away before Ed Wood came up with the idea (such as it is) for the movie – Wood has a few snippets of Lugosi footage, and filled in more “Lugosi” scenes with (IIRC) his wife’s chiropractor holding the cape over his face.

And people think “Manos” is the “worst movie ever” because they’ve seen it on MST3K got a hold of it. There are so many bad movies people have never seen. I don’t think the term “worst movie” means much in an age when any yutz with a couple thousand dollars of credit can produce and distribute an independent film. I have seen stuff worse than any of the films that come up in these discussions. Heck, I think I’ve been in worse stuff.

For me, the main difference is that “Plan 9” is hilariously bad and “Manos” is painfully bad. I will never sit through Manos again unless nailed to the couch. I’d gladly watch “Plan 9” again just for laughs.

That would seem to make it a better movie, if it had been intended as a comedy, but I’m not sure it was. (I’m not sure it wasn’t, either.)

For the MST3k inclined there’s two different versions of Rifftrax for Plan 9 as well; one with all three of the scifi era riffers and one with just Mike. The three riffer version is the better one, naturally.

Greetings, my friends: we are all interested in the late hours of this night, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our night. And remember, my friends: future TCM scheduling such as this will affect you in the future…

Oh, and that late-night cult movie (“The Creatures that Died and Became Incredibly Mixed-Up Zombies” or somesuch) on TCM Friday night was far, far worse than Plan 9.

TIVO is set!

No way shall I watch Plan 9 again. It could never live down to my memories.

Now you want a crappy movie…Omega Cop, with an elderly Troy Donahue in a bit part. You really and truly will not be able to watch it.

Well, it was a bit of an unworthy finale to Bela Lugosi’s career. But he will always remain awesome so it’s not too bad.

The movie is actually quite a bit of fun. These blue eyes of mine have seen what is truly horrendous movie making and this is far from it.

But not as hilariously bad as “Space Mutiny”…

Plan Nine isn’t the Worst Movie Ever Maxde, but it’s one of the Most Enjoaybly Bad Movies Ever Made.

MEBMEVs are required for a truly great Bad Film Festival (I’ve been holding one every year since well before MST3K). The Classic MEBMEV combo is Plan Nine and Robot Monster.

Hanging Up is The Worst Movie Ever Made.

(Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow & Diane Keaton, and Walter Matthau in his last role- how could that go wrong?


Exactly. I’ve seen “Plan 9” probably eight times or so, with big groups of people who do huge amouts of audience participation and with handfuls of friends who don’t know anything about the movie other than a quick introductory spiel from me. It’s fun either way. You really couldn’t make a more comically inept movie.