What would you say is the Worst Movie ever made?

The one I rate worst (of lauded ones) is Hitchcock’s Rear Window, the one where Raymond Burr is the murderer and Jimmie Stewart, stuck in a wheelchair, makes Grace Kelly break into his house to get evidence.

It’s the only Hitchcock movie with no surprises or twists at all, but an awful lot of stalling scenes to create “tension”, or boredom.

Rear Window the worst movie ever made ? I want some of what you’re on.

The best worst move ever made is hands down Ed. Wood’s Plan 9 from outer space.

Day of the Warrior. It’s like VIP, only with more nudity and larger breasts. It actually tries to have a plot, and were it not for the fact that several of the “actresses” switch clothes in front of the camera, it might actually be possible to take the movie seriously . . . yeah, right;)

Well, the question you answered is NOT the question you posted. Clearly, even YOU don’t believe “Rear Window” is the worst movie ever made. Heck, you’ve probably seen dozens of worse movies in just the past few months. Apparently, the theme you’re REALLY after is “What’s the most critically acclaimed film that you really don’t think is very good?”

It’s far too easy, of course, to go after cheesy, low-budget sci-fi or horror movies, the way MST3K does.

I suppose the worst movie I’ve ever seen is “Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video.” It was an attempted comedy by Michael O’Donoghue of Saturday Night Live. As soon as I paid for my ticket, the cashier said something I’ve NEVER heard, before or since, at a theater: “No refunds.” At that point, I should have KNOWN the movie would be awful. I should haved waved bye-bye to my money and gone home. But no, foolishly, I went in and watched it. It was a stream of dumb sketches and pathetic jokes, by a guy who clearly fancied himself a devastating wit.

Nobody in the audience laughed. Not even once. Mostly, we sat in stunned silence. Every ten minutes, someone would yell “This movie SUCKS!!!” There’d be applause for a second or two, then back to stunned silence.

Now, IF we limit ourselves to films that are SUPPOSED to be masterpieces, the really bad ones include:

  1. “Out of Africa”- easily the worst film ever to win the Oscar as Best Picture.

  2. “2001” and “Dr. Strangelove.” Truly lame films. How they came to be viewed as classics is beyond me. Let’s just say that, when you look up the word “overrated” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Stanley Kubrick. (“Paths of Glory,” on the other hand, was a magnificent film.)

  3. “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and “The Birds.” If you MUST pick a Hitchcock picture, leave the great “Rear Window” alone, and pick on one of THESE two turkeys.

  4. “The Piano.” Why did Sam Neil stop at cutting off Holly Hunter’s finger? Why couldn’t he have dismembered her completely, and given the movie a happy ending?

  5. “Gimme Shelter.” A truly boring documentary. If nobody had died at Altamont, would ANYBODY care about the Maysles today?

“Manos: The Hands of Fate” Without a doubt. It’s interesting to note that “Manos” means “hands,” so the title is actually “Hands: The Hands of Fate.” I’ve only seen it on MST3K, but I own the tape of it, so I’ve seen it a lot. . .

Among movies that are supposed to be good, the worst would have to be “The Thin Red Line,” the most boring, horribly pretentious demonstration of faux-philosophical ramblings, set at an excrutiatingly slow pace. When the characters start dying, the audience is relieved because the movie is that much closer to being over.

The “Super Mario Bros.” movie was pretty awful, and although I’ve never seen it, I’ve heard many, many people give this accolade to “Battlefield Earth.”

This contender for worst movie had a rather impressive pedigree: Richard Burtan, Liz Taylor, Noel Coward, and based upon a Tennesse Williams play.

I once saw a movie called “The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers” on Cinemax. It blew (both figuratively and literally).

My pick is Grease 2.

It is so bad that you can’t stop watching it because you want to see if the next scene is stupider than the one before and -SURPRISE!! it is.

It has got to be as embarssing a spectacle for any star of Michelle Pfeiffer’s (sp?) magnitude even if she did make it before she made it big.

I also feel bad for anyone who went to this movie because they liked the musical or the first movie and then hoped to see more of the same but ended up having to endure this piece of utter drivel.

Wow! People told me I’m too quick to answer a thread, and here I answered my own without reading the title. It must be my new medication, all right.

The Worst Movie ever made is then Vertigo, which was not only confusing, but made me ill watching it; I had to leave my seat and throw up when they zoomed in the bell tower.

The only film that came close on that score was An Andalusian Dog * Un chien andalou (1929)* with its charming “slicing a rabbit’s eye” scene.
Some “classics” should come with a barf bucket.

Yes, Battlefield Earth is perfectly wretched. My friend and I are big MST3k fans, plus he works at a movie theater so he got us in for free to see if it was possibly as bad as everyone says. It was terrible. It was Plan 9 with a multi-million-dollar budget. Holes in the plot as big as Earth itself, terrible acting performances all around, lame-ass special effects, complete lack of empathy for any of the characters, etc.

But was it as bad as Blues Brothers 2000? Now there’s a debate. BB2K quite simply should never have been made, or even considered. The original Blues Brothers is my favorite movie ever. I knew the sequel wouldn’t be as good since everyone who made the first one great was dead, or a shell of their former selves (cough cough AYKROYD). So when I rented it (blink and you missed it in theaters), I tried to give it a chance based on its own. No way. It was seriously unwatchable.

Well, of course all the MST3K parodies, then there’s Plan 9, and some recent ones being Battlefield Earth, Godzilla, and In God’s Hands.

Repo Man, High Spirits… surprising how difficult it is to remember movies I’ve hated or been completely bored with.

Super Mario Bros? Well it was silly but I kind of enjoyed it. But then again I had a crush on Samantha Mathis at the time.

Intersection, 1994, with Richard Gere. I rented it from the local public library for $1.50 and felt I was robbed. What a dreadful, boring stinker. How we managed to watch 30 minutes of this snoozathon is beyond me. Okay, so we fell asleep. At least the undersides of my eyelids were more interesting.

On the other hand, I find movies like Plan 9 fascinating. The intricate dialog (“He’s dead…murdered…and someone’s to blame.”…well, d’uh), the timely editing (day to night to day in the blink of an eye), and the fabulous sets (cardboard tombstones and burning pie plates) altogether make for a mind-boggling view. At least it’s not boring.

The Fantastic Four

We watched about 5 mins of this one (part of the FF origin, IIRC), then put it on fast forward.

We watched the whole thing on fast forward, pausing periodically to see if it was still as bad as it started. It kept getting worse.

In fact, at some point they picked up a “glowing plotloaf” - we think it was the meteor that gave the FF their powers - and the rest of the movie seemed to be lame dialogue (what we heard of it, anyway), weird facial expressions (and a lousy makeup job on Ben), and moving the plotloaf from place to place.

The worst critically acclaimed movies I ever saw were all French, oddly. Diva, Jules et Jim and Blow-out. Well, and 8 1/2 but then Fellini gives me a headache.

I’ve said this before in a similar thread. The worst movie ever (featuring some prominent actors) is Nothing But Trouble. Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Demi Moore, John Candy…what were they thinking? It was so bad that I was frightened. Literally frightened.

I thought Groundhog Day was the worst ever. Yes, the day is repeated, we got that from the 30 second TV ad. Do we actually have to sit through it 12 times to get the point? And I couldn’t leave, because someone else was driving.


I love Nothing But Trouble!

“I’m Bobo. That’s Little Debbull. We’re not allowed in the house.”

It’s so bizarre…and funny…don’t know exactly what it is about the movie, but I have seen it many times, and I always enjoy it.

I also can’t see how anyone can hate Groundhog day.

What’s wrong with you people!?

Even by MST3K standards, this one sucked. These people had no idea how to make any film, let alone a horror/suspense film. Truly, even 3rd rate film school drop-outs could make a better movie.

And for the record, ‘REAR WINDOW’ is great film, as is ‘Vertigo’.

As long as were talking about recent bad movies let me nominate The Avengers

I really cannot express my disappointment in this movie. The TV show was (and is) the best show around ( I mean Diana Rigg? Rowwwr), but yet despite the odds this movie turned out to be less enjoyable than passing a kidney stone.

First off look at the casting: Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes as Emma Peel and John Steed. This combination is actually a good bit of casting, but somehow they managed to have exactly zero chemistry. I mean none. That was one of the things that made the show so enjoyable. And Sean Connery. I mean if anybody could be expected to work through a horrible script it would be him, but even his performance seemed half-hearted and phoned in.

They even messed up the cameos!!! They had Patrick Mcnee (the original John Steed) but they made him invisible! Huh??:confused:

And don’t get me started on the bit with everybody in the bear suits. That was a bit too bizarre.

Oh well, Like I said I’m a big fan and it just really ticks me off to see it treated so shabbily.