Worst Purchase Ever

To be fair, his is a Rumba vacuum, that just dances around and looks pretty, but doesn’t get any real work done.

I’ve used the chain gang for years. Both gold and stainless steel. I think it’s the best stuff out there.

I’m with you on this one Kate,
that damn Vince and his state fair schpiel and headphone mike got me too.:smack:
I know I shouldn’t buy anything, while I’m boozed up, watching late night TV, but they looked good!
They work almost as well as an old T-shirt. Oh well, live and learn.
BTW, have you seen that new “Slap and Chop” ? I want one.

My airfare, hotel reservations and train tickets for Spain, much of which was non-refundable. I did go back a year later, and had a great time . . . wearing a neck wallet, with spare cash and credit cards under my insoles.

OH, COME ON! That Vince guy with his slimy, grating, carnie huckster voice actually convinced a 'Doper!!

I hear his voice and instinctively check that my wallet is still in my pocket.

From the first time I saw his spiel which starts off; “Hi. I’m Vince from SHAMwow and you’ll be saying ‘wow’…” I immediately thought, “No, I’ll be saying SHAM!”

And worse; he says something like “Watch this, we’ll do it in one take…” and then proceeds to demonstrate a textbook case of how to fool people by carefully editing multiple takes.

Next someone will come along and complain that the Pos-T-Vac[sup]TM[/sup] didn’t live up to expectations

I was not impressed with the 5 dollar Iron I purchased at Target. I forget who made it, but It never really got hot enough to get the wrinkles out. Oh well, at least it was only five dollars.

Last night I had a training seminar for my kitties with their new automatic feeder. I set it to open in half an hour and left it empty so that they could see that it opens without the need to break into it. Then I put just a couple of pieces of cat food in each side and set it to open in half an hour again so that they could get used to the idea that when it opens there is food inside. Then after I set it up for the night I brought them in and let them beat the hell out of it for half an hour or so to see that they couldn’t break into it before herding them into the other room again. That seemed to work! They left it alone and they got to eat at like 5 this morning so they let me sleep! I wish the box had warned about the training process though.

When I was in college I lived with some friends who had this huge tabby boy. He was a darling, but BIG and muscular. And a total cry-baby, both for loving on people, and for food. They bought him a free feeder, the kind where the dry food sits in a chamber and the cat just has to depress a lever with his paw to get it to come out.

Well, not Ziggy. He was having none of this here technology. He got that there was food in the container, and he got that he had to make it come out. So he would just sit there and SMACK the damn thing repeatedly to shake the food out. Which worked, so he got his positive reinforcement.

I spent many a pleasant minute on the floor with Ziggy trying to demonstrate with my hands and his paws how the thing actually worked, but he always preferred the Fonz method.

Something’s wrong with my cats. They’ll howl for food to be placed in their dish when the open bag is sitting right there. They’ve never ever disturbed the bag. Weird.

Glad to hear the negative on the SwifferJet – I was thinking about getting one.

My worst purchases ever have usually been for the cats - for some unknown, kitty reason, they usually show utter disdain for anything we have paid money for. It’s taken a month or more to get my cat to start drinking from the aeration fountain we got for them (Her Highness likes the tap to be turned on for her so she can get her water fresh and cold). Most of the toys are simply ignored.

My all-time worst purchase is a black leather jacket I bought about 20 years ago, that I’ve worn once. It’s too expensive to just give to charity, so I keep thinking I’ll put it on ebay or something, and I keep not doing that.

I once bought a magazine subscription from a cold caller who rang my cell. I ended up paying $800 for magazines, which were spread over two year payments of $33 monthly. It’s been about four years and I’m still getting random magazines, but since I’m completely disengaged from the choosing my subscriptions process, it’s stuff like Country Music Magazine and Seventeen. I don’t even know how they got my new address. It probably ranks up there as one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done.

Aww really? I always thought that looked so neat and have contemplated buying one just to see how it works on kitty/doggy pee accidents on the carpet. :frowning:

Anything smaller than an 8g is externally threaded? OH HECK NAW!!

Anatometal makes the best stuff out there, though they don’t sell direct to the public. (There’s a few different places online that stock their stuff though.) Bodycircle.com makes good stuff too, especially if you’re looking for gold. And when desperate or in doubt, anything BMEshop.com carries should be fine as well.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! It’s called “Sham-Wow!” because it’s like a Chamois - wow!

I finally get the name!



FWIW, I use my Swiffer WetJet daily (I do a real actual mopping about weekly) and it does a great job. I also have a Rooma, which I love. I have 3 dogs so I do some serious floor cleaning. Also, if you don’t like the Swiffer cleaning fluid, you can just punch a hole in the top of the old container and refill it with whatever you prefer so you don’t have to keep using the WetJet refills.

I found that the wetjet did ok only on light stuff - a drop of some non sugary liquid that fell on the kitchen tile and dried up - that kind of thing. More often than not though - any hair (dog or human)/dust/dirt inevitably got rolled up at the front of the cleaning pad, and upon pulling the thing back towards me, a nice roll of clumped up crap would remain on the floors.
With hardwood floors, I dont do a full mopping but maybe twice a year - so maybe more frequent moppings help the wetjet do a better job.
The other thing is that hte handle for the wetjet was flimsy - just couldn’t scrub well with it when needed. Sure I could have firmed that up - but what was the point when the whole cleaning pad just didn’t work for me in the first place.

I guess it depends on the application (whether the wetjet is useful or not).

I bought a beautiful black leather motorcycle-ish jacket that was marked down 75% off the original (very high) price. I feel funny wearing it because a) it’s waist length and all my tops are long, to disguise my big fat ass, and they hang below the jacket (should I be worrying about this? I’ve seen worse - wrinkly, ill-fitting, mismatched clothes on models in fashion magazines. But I don’t roll that way!) …and…b) the arms are waaaaay too long and I can’t have them fixed because there are zippers in the way and it’s awkward just rolling the sleeves under.

A friend divorced her first husband who turned out to be a real jerk. They first met through a dating service which charged each of them about $200. “Biggest waste of money ever”, she declares.

Consider yourself lucky. One of OUR cats, Noel, sometimes wakes everyone up at 1 AM banging the dishes on my mother’s dresser (Gypsy refuses to come downstairs, so she stays in my parents’ room 24/7), in hopes of getting something to eat. So usually, Mom will just give her some in her dish and go back to bed-but then Gypsy will want some too.

Worst purchase? Hmmm…probably the time I bought a bunch of shoes at Shoe Carnival. I thought I lucked out-two pairs (one black, one brown) of fashion boots, 1 pair of winter/snow boots, and a pair of Converse sneakers. The prices were GREAT and I thought I really lucked out.

This was about, oh, two years ago maybe? NEVER shop there, ever, unless you go for name brands. The snow boots fell apart within a month, and the soles of my other boots started to separate around the same time. The only ones I still have are my sneakers-and that’s probably because they’re a name brand. Grrrrrr…I was soooo disappointed-those boots were really cute, too-and they had some other really cute shoes, and I really, REALLY wanted to go back, dammit!
(I mean, I had wanted to go back when I had more money-until I found out that their shoes were absolute shit)

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.

Not worst ever, but worst in recent memory …

I’m long past the age where I learned that 100% of kitchen gizmos advertised on TV are garbage. Period, amen, without exeption. And absolutely anything with that 1960s TV screen shaped “As seen on TV” logo is even worse; you’ll be lucky if it doesn’t break just getting it out of the package, and it’'ll probably injure you in the process.

So when a Doper recommended this thing: http://www.target.com/Vidalia-Chop-Wizard/dp/B000I6JZWA I was waaay skeptical. But it met a need I thought I had, and $20 is trivial enough.

100% useless. It can turn a tomatoe into mush, provbided you precut the tomato into small chunks. It can break a small onion (or chunks thereof) into smaller chunks. And it can take 10x as long as a knife to wash. The only thing it didn’t/couldn’t do was actually chop anything larger than something already chopped.

Judging by the 4-1/2 stars it has at Target, my fellow Americans are fooles.

The expensive engagement and wedding ring set I bought for my ex-wife.