Worst sports kits in photos

Worst sports kits in photos

Some interesting outfits.

I had to check out this thread because I had no idea what a sports kit was.

No ugly sports uniform thread is complete without mentioning the Vancouver Canucks circa 1980s-

Did anyone see the caption for Cameroon’s soccer uniforms?

“The rules are very clear, there is one shirt, one shorts and one socks,” said Fifa president Sepp Blatter.

I usually wear two socks.

Short-sleeved rugby jerseys are the work of the devil.

Those really aren’t too bad at all.

Hard to beat these 1977 White Sox uniforms.

Really says something about professionalism in the modern game when the first two are rugby kits.

I would like to volunteer Munsters new kit, as much as it pains me.


Is it red, is it orange? Who came up with the idea of matching shorts and socks?

I don’t get it. That looks fine to me.

Dear God in heaven, those are hideous.

Its like staring at a rugby player shaped sun.

Maybe I’m just too used to Munster’s older kits, but I know for a fact that yellow and don’t belong on the same shirt.

I actually lost last season’s jersey, so I’m wearing one from about ten years ago with a big stain down the front instead of buying that day glow job.

To be fair though, that is ten thousand times worse

San Diego Padres, late 1970s:
“Welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order?”

Seattle Seahawks alternate jerseys from this year:

Denver Broncos throwback uniforms from this year:

That looks like the results when your dog has an accident in your house.

http://www.uniwatchblog.com/ may be a good site for those interested in the topic.

These always pissed me off, as they just looked like sun-bleached Giants hats.

Huh. The first one (purple track suit) looks sharp. The 1996 Liverpool white suits are sharp. I think those grey Man U uniforms are sweet - but can also see how they’d be total camoflague in England’s grey overcast weather.

Those full body track suits are hilarious though.

http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/470139-man-thats-ugly-worst-uniforms-in-sports Here’s a list. I hate the Houston Astro rainbow guts uniform the most.

I seem to recall that one of the reasons the Astros went away from that uniform was that someone decided that it gave umpires too clear a definition of Astro batters’ strike zones.

The minor league Tucson Toros also rocked the Taco Bell look in the 70s (scroll to the bottom):

Ow, my eyes!! Mere words cannot do justice to the fugliness of that uniform. We’ve got:

  • Eight different colors (three different browns, yellow, orange, red, blue, white)
  • Diagonal stripes plus vertical stripes
  • Old-West-style font