Wots in yarrrrr fryin pan, ARGH

standing here watching a new york strip steak cook. Total carnivory to-night! No greens or potato or bread or side dish at all. Just me and my steak.

fresh meat, I crave sustenance!

I cooked my steaks the manly way on a grill in the cold with the light failing.
But I did have asparagus and salad with it, so not as Argh I guess.

You cooked the steaks?!

Tonight I heated up a cast-iron frying pan in the oven, added some olive oil, and then two wild-caught salmon filets seasoned with kosher salt and dill. Yum.

The cats liked it too.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: har har

well cooked in the sense of “heating them up to body temperature”. With a dash of salt and pepper in a cast iron pan.

When I get in a serious steak craving mood, I like ‘em rawr, er rare🥩

I just slash off a piece as they run by. < grunt >

Corned beef, soon enough. I’ve got about 9 lbs between a point and a flat.

well, I cut a chunk off while it was still warming and ate it, does that count?:grin:

i dunno, to urrbanized I guess, I only hunt steaks in the enviroment of the grocery store cooler. :joy: Cause my kid will tell you, that’s their native ecosystem :rofl:

True anecdote

I worked with a graphic designer who liked like she was a complete vegan granola girl. In fact, she was a big, BIG fan of beef. Her famous justification was, “I grew up near the stockyards. It’s a steer. Just stun it, slice it, slap it on a platter, and serve it!”

My most recent steak purchase was a package of prime ribeyes from Costco. We had one of them pan-broiled medium-rare with English-style roast potatoes. It was delectably juicy and red, but damn Costco cuts their steaks huge. One steak was too much for two people, and going forward, I think one steak with make four servings rather than two.

But I’m a definite red meat fan and cooking a steak anything past medium-rare is a crime.