Would Israel's security be enhanced by admission to NATO?

Am starting this in IMHO because my interest in this topic has been further spiked by this position stated in the jewish chronicle.


And I need to research a little more to give further cites for my initial thoughts that this couldn’t be a bad thing. (If this post gets moved later so be it… but please keep it out of the pit)

I suspect we are heading to a worrying increasing period of instability in the ME with the current upheaval vis a vis Tunisia and Egypt.

My specific questions are, apart from Ronald Lauder, is this something that Israelis would want for themselves?

Now France has recently come back into the NATO fold so to my mind they have given up their independent nuclear deterrent, instead aligning it to a NATO deterrent (would Israel be prepared to do the same?)

Also would it necessarily mean that Israel has to accept previous UN resolutions requiring concessions that may be painful? ( Accepting that NATO has resisted calls that it should act only with UN consent ( notably during the post Tito Yugoslavia conflicts)