Would somebody please tell me what "MAD" stands for?

My best guess is that it stands for Meet And Drink. Am I close?


Mid-Atlantic Dopers.

As in Marylanders, Virginians, D.C.'ers, and anything else in that area.

Hmmmm… So I wasn’t even close, huh? :frowning:

Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome. Every time I read it, I always read it as “Maryland Area Dopers”, so I didn’t get it at first, either.

And it could definitely stand for Meet and Drink, as there are usually beverages available. :wink:

Mutually Assured Distruction anyone?

Which might, or might not, be synonymous with the other offerings…

Actually, Meet and Drink is not all that far off!

But for that it would have to be the MADAY Dopers. becuse you have to include "And Yack!


So MADs can’t hold their liquor?

Pfft. I don’t need to hold my liquor. I just need someone to hold down the ground while I’m drinking it. :slight_smile:

I thought it was Madison Area Dopers. Hmm. This explains a lot.

I kinda thought it should stand for Michelle’s Ardent Devotees.

Um, yeah, my name is Michelle. :smiley:

No, it is, Dinsdale… when we get together too often we tend to destroy each other, which is why the “MAD” threads only pop up about once a month.

FCM, if you think we’re all devoted to you now, wait until you’ve moved up here! :slight_smile:

MAD was a once-great magazine that has unfortunately gone downhill since Bill Gaines died.

Many Angry Dolphins.
Mooshu and Dim-Sum
Michelle’s A Dork (heh)
My Aunt Diana
Mean Agressive Dave

Well. I think Mid-Atlantic Dopers is the best.

You just tell Dave to behave himself!

I coined it!


I love the Mid-Atlantic. And I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t live here.

I need some Cali-Dopers. I feel so alone out here. I know BraheSilver is in South Cali, but i’m way up here in Sacramento

They claim it’s an acronym for Mid-Atlantic Dopers – but having met more than a few of them, I can guarantee it’s not an acronym at all! :wink:

Mothers Against Damn-near-everyting
Murder And Death
Mooses Are Doofuses
Mutants Are Da-bomb
Mullets Ain’t Dapper

There are loads of CA Dopers. I know the Sac crew have had at least one Dopefest, and if you feel like driving, keep your eye out for mentions of the BADs (Bay Area Dopers), who are the rowdiest, barbequeingest, and all-in-all best looking Dopers of all.


I thought it was Maryland Area Dopers.

I don’t know if I’m right or not.