TMI, MADS - What do they mean?

The subject says it all. I haven’t been able to figure out what these acronyms mean.

TMI - This Might Insult? Intimidate? Something like that?

MADS - Mothers Against Doing Stuff?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Too Much Information.

Massachusetts (or Maryland? Maine?) Area DoperS.

I do believe that MADs stands for Mid-Atlantic Dopers. At least I haven’t seen it used in a different context (JC lives in Virginny but his parties are thrown for MADs (well, okay, anyone who wants to show up, but due to geography that’s primarily Mid-Atlantic Dopers) so Maryland Area Dopers doesn’t quite work).

There are Dopefests in Iceland?

Yeah, probably run by Bjorn :slight_smile:

MADs = Mothers Against Dope.

MADS are Mid-Atlantic Dopers
BADS are Bay Area Dopers

Just don’t start calling us NY Dopers NADS.

New York dopers are official “New York’s Ultimate Knowledge” or NYUK.