Would Someone Explain This Monty Python Reference?

In The Tobacconist’s Sketch, Eric Idle, as the Bailiff, is cross-examining Michael Palin, as the Publisher :

*Bailiff: You live at 46 Horton Terrace?

Publisher: I do live at 46 Horton terrace.

Bailiff: You are the director of a publishing company?

Publisher: I am the director of a publishing company.

Bailiff: Your company publishes phrase books?

Publisher: My company does publish phrase books.

Bailiff: You did say 46 Horton Terrace, did you?

Publisher: Yes.

Bailiff: (strikes a gong) Ah! Got him! (lawyer and cop applaud, laugh) *

I’ve never understood what the point was of getting Palin to admit he’d said his address and then the banging of the gong. There’s hysterical laughter laughter from the audience and I don’t know why.

Is this some reference to a British game show? Would somebody please explain?

There was a British game show called “Take Your Pick” that aired from the late 1950’s into the early 1970’s. In it, the opening round consisted of a contestant being questioned for one minute. If the contestant answered any questions by “yes” or “no”, they were eliminated, to the banging of a gong.

(BTW, the main round of “Take Your Pick”, where the contestant was asked if they would keep a box or take a prize was parodied at other times by the Pythons.)

Much thanks, Governor Quinn.

Another mystery solved!

This goes back a few years. There was part of a radio show, then part of a TV quiz show called the “Yes/No Interlude”

You had rapid-fire questions for 60 seconds, and couldn’t answer “Yes” or “No” or the guy struck a gong and you lost.

It’s not as easy as it sounds!

THank you, SadTomato.

If you can find the UK Game SHows page on the web, they explain the game a whole lot better than I can.

B****R, This is the second time tonight I’ve been beaten by seconds, but your explanation is better than mine, Governor Quinn!

And thanks to you, Merseybeat.

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