Would Texas ever separate from America?

Secession is simply illegal. No amount of talk can change that, no technically, no secret agreement, nothing. Texas trying to leave the Union without Congressional approval would lead to war. It would be a war Texas would lose.

I don’t think it would even lead to war. In this day and age if it looked like it was an even remotely serious possibility I think the Federal government would pre-emptively respond to the situation. The Governor of Texas would be arrested on Federal charges, the entire Texas National Guard would be Federalized and any individuals refusing to report for duty would be arrested on suspicion of being pro-secessionist.

As I understand it, in a few years it’ll be the majority part of who you are, and the Texas character will be a Tejas one.

Here’s Governor Goodhair’s latest whine:

During the recent Governor’s race, Perry ran spots that were extremely rude to Obama. And he even flirted with the nutcase, vanishingly tiny minority for secession during the primaries; Kay Bailey Hutchison is a bit liberal for a Republican.

Bill White was Houston’s mayor & only stepped down because of term limits. Texas cities wanted him as governor but we were outnumbered by the redneck yahoos & tightassed suburbanites. I don’t see any Nation of Texas getting by without the cities. (Sam Houston was governor in 1861 & had to leave office because he refused to swear allegiance to the Confederacy.)

Anyone up for an Aggie joke?

No biggie. Tejano music & Tex Mex food, sounds good to me.

Since this is a board dedicated to fighting ignorance, please do enlighten me as to what specific violations of the US Code these individuals would be charged with.

Would that fall under treason?

I seem to recall some town or country – not in Texas, but somewhere Out West – as a semi-joke announcing they were seceding due to some minor grievance, and they found themselves occupied by the army. That must have been around 1980. Sound familiar to anyone? I don’t think it was even a place bordering a neighboring country.

It will no different from the Southern Rebellion,

It’s called the War of Northern Evilness now.

It’s not hyperbolic rhetoric if it’s not obvious to any regular Joe that he’s speaking of an unrealistic scenario. His phrasing suggests that he thinks it is a realistic scenario, which is kind of the exact opposite of hyperbole.

Fair enough. He’s not currently a proponent of secession, but would be a proponent of secession if “Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people”.

Which is exactly why many colonies revolted.

It would probably be akin to Eisenhower using the military to enforce Brown v. Board.

Imagine what would be going down in Texas as they moved toward secession, there would have to be some laws passed or actions taken in the legislature of Texas. A concerned Texas citizen would file suit saying that Texas movement to end union with the other States would deprive that Texas citizen of their rights as an American citizen.

It would quickly reach the SCOTUS and the SCOTUS would rule (just as it has before) that secession is not constitutionally possible. If the government of Texas continued their moves toward secession the military could come in and arrest those responsible.

That’s the slowest-case scenario.

I meant some town or county, of course.

Perry has a habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth regaring the federal government. In the past he’s danced around the notion of seccession and refused federal funds from the stimulus, then he’s changed his mind and accepted them after all, to the tune of about $6 billion. As of right now he’s publically criticizing Obama for not declaring a federal emergency and not doing more to help with the wildfires in north and west Texas, although according to FEMA we’ve received 22 federal grants to help fight the fires. Perry’s talk is bluster; he would never seriously propose that Texas secede from the United States. Nobody with half a brain wants that.

But our Revolution was started by the educated elite. Governor Rick doesn’t exactly have a brain trust on tap.

But there’s a bit of a difference between a secession and a revolution. Many Texans, (presumably including Perry, based on his comments), are under the impression that Texas can secede the country at any time (essentially without declaring war on the U.S.). They’re not claiming that they can revolt any time they want - they are claiming they can secede any time they want.

A twofer:


Again, arrest them on what specific charges? Would a legislator voting the inncorrect way on an issue constitute a crime, and again what crime?

I don’t recall Gov Wallace ever having been thrown in federal prison…

The OP and several posts seem to assume that secession would automatically be opposed by federal military force, and could only be won by a long-odds insurgency–or that fighting would be preempted by other federal action.

Conversely, I think that while secession may seem less thinkable now than in the 1850s, a federal war against secessionists is even less so, if a genuine majority of any state’s people were somehow to come to support it.

Of course for the time being that’s not the case in Texas or anywhere else.

Also all seem to assume that any form of secession is ipso facto illegal, but this isn’t true either. If Texas and the other states can reach mutual agreement to part ways, either through Congress or via constitutional convention, then secession would be legal.