Would the Doctor like a brandy before retiring?

Some warm milk, perhaps?


No, no, stick with the brandy. I’m much too young to retire, though.



There wolf. There castle.

Yes. Yes. Say it. He was my … BOYFRIEND!

What knockers!
-Oh, Thank you doctor
Ve must be shure, zat doctorr is indeed VALLOWING IN 'IZ GRANDVATHER’S VOOTSTEPS!!!
-(everyone) WHAT??
I said vallowing in is grandvather’s vootsteps, vootsteps, vootsteps.
-Ohhh vootsteps

Would you care for a roll in ze hay?
It’s fun. (singing) roll roll roll in the hay.

(looking at the skulls and their captions)
:5 years dead: :2 years dead: :6 months dead:
Hi, I don’t got nobody, and ah no body ah cares ah for ah me yachitah yachitah yachitah