Skald the Rhymer AKA Henry is in the hospital

This is his wife, Kim. He is very depressed. Please please help me cheer him up. You can email him at Maxie.Maxwell@gmail. Com. Thank you.

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Best wishes to Henry. May he get well soon.

You liven up the Dope, Henry. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Please get well soon.

Thank you, Kim, for letting us know.

Waiting for the hypothetical.
Waiting for the poll . . .

Get well soon!

I sent him an email!

Waiting for the recipes. :slight_smile:

Fight the hypothetical, Henry!

I wish you the best, Henry, and my thoughts are with you too, Kim. You’re one of my favorite posters, and I hope to see you again soon.

He’ll probably like yours more than mine. He’s always liked you best.

Hey, Kim! I have a Kim as well!

IME Kims are the absolute finest.

Skald, we await breathlessly another Skald Hypothetical masterpiece!

Be sure and send him my


PS - hypothetically speaking.

Email sent.

Kick out, Skaldy. Don’t let The Bastard win.

Get well soon, Skald.

This sums up my feelings.

Ouch that sucks. Please get well soon Skald.

Done and done.

Skald, I am ordering you to get well soon. I miss you.

Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well!