Where has Skald run off to?

His last post was Jan 6th-one of his acquaintances hinted that there was a very good reason for Skald’s hiatus, so if the general population of Dopers isn’t on a need-to-know, that’s okay, but still I remain curious.

He’s ascending the Himalayan mountain for a fresh stock of whatever gives him his inpsiration for the polls and threads he starts.

He probably has to fight off ninjas protecting all the monasteries that are up there, so I woulsdn’t expect him back soon.

Hypothetically, it might have something to do with the release of the John Carter movie. Or anything else.

What would you do?

I am greatly displeased that the OP did not make this a poll with many silly options and an appeal to Athena.

I don’t know how widely he wants the information spread, but I will say that it’s good news, not bad news.

Don’t look at me, hell if I know where he went.

Given this information, I move that someone implement Blaster Master’s idea and create a poll that allows us to imagine all the possible things that His Evilness may be up to.

Although it seems that the “appeal to Athena” clause may need to be re-thought.

We can come up with ideas for the poll in this thread. My guess: marriage and a long honeymoon.

No, Chronos says it’s good news.

lol - I was thinking of posting something similar.

I am sure he is in one of his alternate universes.

A wizard appeared and gave him three choices. He took one.

Glad to hear it. I always enjoyed his hypos, though I never told him so. I hope he comes back to the board eventually.

If he’s at the Universal Library and didn’t take requests before leaving, I’m going to be irritated.

I suspect it involves coffee cake. Or pie.

:shudder: The hypos I get are usually at the doctor’s office, and I enjoy them not.

[sup](Oh, sorry, does this remark make me a threadshitter?)[/sup]

We took him out to live in a farm in the country where he will run around all day with rhymers and alliteratives. At least that is what I heard from “Covered in Maggots”

Maybe he’s gone a-viking… (skalds did go viking, right?)

I’m thinking he won the lottery.

Probably doing a replacement gig at the feasting boards in Valhalla, while the regular resident skald is on vacation in a more salubrious heavenly clime. Instead of declaiming the exploits of gods and heroes in Eddaic verse, however, he is thinking up new quests to keep the Odin’s warriors in good training as they await Ragnarok.