Would TV allow other religions to advertise?

I was doing something rare for me the other day, thinking while I watched television. I happened to consider that America is a predominately Christian country, which anyone can tell not only by the advertisements on television but the flourishing and pretty corrupt and downright greedy business of Television Preachers.

What, I wonder, would happen if all of the other religions in the country started buying TV time and advertising their beliefs? I mean, we have in this country Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, as well as the many splintered sects of Christianity. Then there are the Black Muslims, the Nation of Islam, various Vietnamese religions, the beliefs of the American Indians, Druids, Wiccans, and assorted types which I can’t figure out.

Television stations will not advertise condoms to prevent the spread of disease, but they will readily accept money for spots concerning religion. (I mean, look at all of the various evangelistic scams on the tube, like the ones telling you to press your hand on the screen to be saved, ones selling chunks of gravel that are supposed to be from the Tomb of Christ, those asking for prayer donations, those willing, for a fee, of course, to sell you scores of tapes and so on.)

I wonder if the moral ‘minority’ would ‘allow’ say, Buddhists to start hawking prayer wheels, begging bowls, open services, various books and tapes concerning their religion and so on?

Where do you live, Rainbow? In multi-cultural Los Angeles I hear radio spots, at least (I don’t watch television) from more than just the Christian religion!


I live on the Treasure Coast in Florida, which used to be nice until, ages ago, a governor started the ‘Be A Friendly Floridian’ campaign and half of the US poured in and ruined everything.

What? Me worry?’

Well, first of all, it sounds as if you assume that all Christian TV is aimed at separating people from their money. While I’ll concede that, perhaps, most of it is, most thinking Christians will admit that the people doing this are two-faced scoundrels.

Programming and advertising are decisions left totally up to the network and/or local affiliate. Basically, if I managed a TV station, I could broadcast any kind of religious programming I wanted to, provided:

a) The religion involved ponied up the money.
b) The network didn’t have a problem with it.
c) The aren’t advocating anything illegal, such as blowing up buildings or such.

Rastahomie, it is not enough for Christians to “admit” that most of the televised ministry is crap. They actually have to say, officially from the pulpit,“Rev. So-and-so is a lying cheat who is in it for the money and fame. Please don’t watch him.” Until this step is taken, mainstream Christianity, which I have no problem with, will continue to be associated with such filth.
As far as the ability of local telivision stations goes to broadcast other religious views goes, local stations rely on local support, and too many station managers are rightly afraid of their local churches to broadcast anything that might upset them.

friend rainbowcsr:

your choice of topic is very interesting. among other points you made:

buddhism is very introspective and private. it is difficult to imagine buddhist monks going door to door for recruits, or a television show devoted to buddhist worship practice. imagine a camera pointed at a line of people sitting pefectly still in silence. not a ratings grabber, i assure you. (smile)

“don’t get strung out by the way that i look, don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (tim curry as dr. franknfurter in rhps)

Rasta: You are incorrect in your assertion above. Please pay attention to the words “The preceding (or following) program was a paid advertisement of (insert appropriate outfit). The views expressed in that program do not necessarily reflect those of this station.” Apparently, all it really takes is money to get on the air.

“Read 'Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard!"

Who do you think pays for those ads? They’re as bad as those de Moss Foundation things.

From what I’ve seen of cable TV, eventually we’ll have a channel for every possible grouping of people who will buy stuff.
Channel 865 - the Jewish Channel - All Jews, All The Time.
Channel 952 - The Mennonite Channel - We’re Hipper Than The Amish.
Channel 1052 - The Druid Channel - We Don’t Burn People in Baskets Anymore!.

Give it time, I’m sure it will happen. I bet the LDS are already making plans.

Actually, slythe, I can mention at least one prominent Christian teacher who is VERY vocal about the two-faced sham that is most of Christian broadcasting today: Hank Hanegraffe, president of CRI. You should hear him rip on TBN!

I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think he meant if the ‘Christian’ public, who hate things like advertisements of birth control – but allow about a million seductive alcohol commercials, scream over soft porn magazines in 7-11’s – like Playboy and Cheri yet have no problem with HBO slice and dice and rape and kill films, would put up with other religions ‘horning in’ on their act.

Buddhists might not hawk begging bowls and such – let 'em come her and get an ad man and they will – but they could place various advertisements out to get the public attention. I know Muslims advertise, though they do not have anything like our evangelistic, dollar grabbing television, pulpit pounding, Bible thumping, sucker finding, ministries. What if you shave a Muslim, make sure he is White {a Black one would give the impression of the not actually affiliated and violent ‘Black Muslims’ – not good for business}, dress him up in a suit and have him talk fondly and gently about his religion and how great it is and how it needs YOUR membership.

Would the Christian ‘Majority’ stand for it or would they start throwing their weight around, speaking of false idols, false gods, heathens, and attempt to batter the television stations into taking them off of the air? Because of the influence by the powerful Christian groups, most television stations will not advertise birth control and sex education in school has become a very dicey subject. (Right now, I reckon there are at least 6 different ways to teach it in the schools, and most are so cleaned up that the kids probably don’t learn anything anyhow and ask their friends who learned it from their big brothers who learned it from the corner hooker.)

I’m having trouble parsing the last sentence of that middle paragraph, Anomaly22.

Are you saying that the shaved Moslem asking for your membership is what the Christian money-grubbing televangelists would be if they were Moslem, or are you saying that TV Moslems are actually like that, or what?