Would you be offended if your partner wanted you to sign a prenup (gender poll)?

Created after reading this thread. The previous poll was fine and dandy but I’m curious to see how it breaks down by gender.

I think it’s ridiculous to be offended at the idea of signing a prenup. People are saying that it’s the equivalent of reducing your marriage to financial terms and I don’t see how that makes sense. There’s no reducing going on. A prenup is a financial contract that only applies to the financial aspect of marriage to begin with.

Woudlnt be offended, just probably wouldnt agree.

Then Id get to see if they think they have a right to be offended if I dont want to do one.


Male, and no I wouldn’t be offended. If anything that shows good faith on her part since given how slanted our courts are towards women in domestic disputes she’s throwing away a major advantage if she meant me ill. Presuming that the terms of the pre-nup are fair, naturally. And like it or not, divorces are common; it turns out that no, people don’t usually find their perfect mate on the first try (if ever).

Yes, I’d think that I have a right to be offended. Because your refusal to sign one indicates to me that you think you deserve half of what’s mine (as little as that may be :p) if and when we get divorced.

Id think Id deserve what the law decided was appropriate, and dont like signing away rights.

I might in practise to decide to go for less than that, depending on the circumstances.


Do you believe in any form of ethics or fairness outside of what’s legal? Do you sue everyone you can in the hope that the law might think it’s fair for you to get a settlement check?

Straw argument much?

Id rather use processes already in place for these things for when they’re needed, rather than have a divorce now, when Im not going to know what the circumstances will actually be.

The wedding is off.


You’d rather use the processes already in place? Is that because there might be more in it for you if you do?

I’m glad you told me before we tied the knot. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is interesting that you assume Ill be the poorer one in the match.


I’m not. It’s virtually guaranteed that you’re wealthier than I am.

I wouldn’t be offended. I just wouldn’t do it. I think perhaps you’re misunderstanding the position of at least some of those you disagree with.

That’s possible. I’d be obliged if you’d clarify for me.

I wouldn’t be offended, although I’d be confused as to why I had to sign one, seeing as how we were both poor.

But if we were older and this was my second marriage, and we both are going into it with assets, it’d be stupid not to get one signed.

I explained in the other thread. I (personally, of course) just don’t find prenups reconcilable with the concept of unconditional wedding vows. I don’t see how it would be possible for me to have earnestly made my wedding vows, with a prenup in the frame.

I guess I can respect that but divorce is a fact of life. I just think it’s perhaps naive to think that your love is true and unconditional unlike the love that all those other people experience.

I wonder out of curiosity if many gay couples who have legally married have done prenups.

Once again, I don’t think you’re getting it.

I don’t necessarily think my love is unconditional. Vows are about intent, mostly, not romantic love.

Venereal disease is a fact of life, too, but I don’t see anyone making plans for how to get it treated before they ever take off their pants. IYSWIM.

And frankly, my love is different from what a lot of other people experience. I genuinely like and respect and enjoy him as a person completely apart from our romantic relationship, and judging by the way I see other couples interacting, that’s pretty goddamn rare. We’re not at the same risk for divorce as a lot of other people, and it would be patently silly for us to act as if we were.

Let’s face it, the only way he’s getting rid of me is to pry me loose with a crowbar. The only thing he could get out of a prenup is to limit his liability if he dumps me for somebody younger and cuter…and if he wants to do that, he can bloody well pay through the nose for the privilege. :smiley:

Condoms are the prenups of sex. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would depend on why he wanted it: a prenup to protect his own property would bother me. A prenup to protect property he was the steward of–like family heirlooms, or an inheritance from a late wife that he intended to pass on to the kids he had with that wife, or a family business–I can see wanting that protected because it’s not really yours to risk.