Would you be really grossed out if...

…you found out that someone had fed you pancakes made with human breast milk?

Here’s the story:

Yesterday, my husband, Jeff, was making pancakes and ran out of milk. My brother, Billdo, wasn’t in the room. Jeff said, “do you think Bill would be really grossed out if we used some breast milk in the pancakes?” I said, “Well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Ha ha.” Well, Jeff just used water to finish the pancake batter, and they came out really good, so the point was moot.

But what you do/think/say if you found out that someone had fed you human breast milk without your knowledge?

Pancakes? Not really. I mean, what’s the difference?

Normally, it wouldn’t bother me at all.

But in this case, you’re talking about feeding it to a RELATIVE of yours. I think that is just gross!


And whos milk was this? Yours? Now if I was your brothers there, I would freak out. You know rip my shirt off and run outside and proceed to runs in circles as I vomit. I find drinking cows milk a little weird. But consuming my sisters breast milk is like some weird canabalism incest thing that is really weird. Thanks a lot. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!


Id: Auggh! Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew-ew-EWWWW! Gross! Grosser than gross! Nasty! No!

Ego: I can’t believe you’d do that to me!

Superego: If your mom had lactated properly you’d’ve spent a year or so eating that. No biggie. You’re just ished out because you’d know the source of the milk. Which is silly. Shut up and eat your pancakes.

After about eight seconds of synapse overload (visible effects: air gulping and eyes bugging out) (with luck, this would all be wordless), superego would probably win.

Probably :D.

Seen the commercial where the guy’s fridge is busted and he drinks the old milk? Ditto.

Pancakes, sure.
I’ll just take my coffee black, though, thanks.

Well, as the brother in question, I figure I ought to chime in.

I suppose that if it were in cooked food like pancakes, it wouldn’t be too bad (particularly if I didn’t know about it). I’d be seriously grossed out if it were in something uncooked.

I’ve had worse. And I would venture to say that anybody who has eaten at a fast food restraunt more than say…oh…ten times has too.

I’d have just one concern. There are all sorts of diseases transmitted by exchanging bodily fluids. How safe is breast milk in general?

I dunno… one of the running jokes at my house is, “Hey, Robin! We’re out of milk! C’mere!” :smiley:

In cooked food, probably not a big deal. For coffee or cereal, I’d be running to the store for the regular stuff.


scr4–For the most part, diseases aren’t transmitted in breast milk. After all, we feed it to little tiny babies with immature immune systems. (There are exceptions, of course.)

[hijack] We were walking into the ballpark the other day. There was a giant sign that said “No Outside Food or Drink.” My brother said, “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to leave your breasts outside.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends…how good are the pancakes?

Again, I’m with the “well, normally no. But if it’s my sister…”

Breastmilk is milk, big fucking deal. But coming from your sister, then it gets kind of creepy. But hey, as long as it doesn’t come from grandma…

I guess if the breastmilk wouldn’t leap from a petri dish after Kurt Russell jabs a hot paper clip into it, I’d probably drink it. Maybe.

It would oog me out if I knew about it. The same way the idea of eating bugs oogs me out. It may be irrational but that’s the truth of the matter. Perhaps it has something to do with socialization. Maybe if I was raised to beleive this was the norm it wouldn’t bother me. Now, however, add me to the **“Bleurgghhhh”**contingent.

If my sister were Terri Hatcher or Jennifer Anniston I’d skip the whole container thing and go right for the tap.

Am I the only one here thinking

Poor baby is going to go hungry!

What ever happened to canned evaporated milk?

Aw, the baboo isn’t hungry. I’m a regular milk machine. A Jersey cow, if you will.

I rather enjoy using the breast pump. I call it Mr. Pumpy. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I fill the little bottles. My freezer is already stuffed with little baggies of extra milk.
(It’s an Ameda Purely Yours, in case anyone’s interested.)

One thing I am curious about–why is it grosser if the milk comes from your sister? I would think that I would rather drink the milk of a relative or close friend than some stranger off the street.

I’m not sure about the “not telling them” part. Personally, I like to give people as much of a heads up as I can if there’s something unusual or uncommon in a meal I prepared. Some people don’t eat veal, some people don’t eat lard. While breast milk isn’t unusual in the scope of, let’s say, the world of mammals, human breast milk is fairly unusual in the diet of adult humans.

The real breakfast of champions.