Would you be willing to work in a community of nudists?

Imagine that you are offered a job for which you are well-qualified. Imagine further that, when it came time in the interview process to discuss salaries, the hiring manager replied to your initial suggestion by saying, “To stay within policy guidelines, I have to pay you 15% more than you just asked for as a minimum. I’d apologize but I’m sure that only bothers you a smidgeon.” Vacation, insurance, and other benefits are similarly generous.

Here’s the hitch. The job, whatever it is, will require you to work in a community of nudists; in addition, you are offered, but not required, housing in said community for yourself and your family. (It’s a very nice home, by the way.) If you decline the housing offer, you’ll be facing a 90-minute commute to and from work each day. In this community, the custom is to wear as few clothes as possible, weather permitting of course. Some persons go around in the altogether as long as it’s bright & sunny; others wear shorts, t-shirts, sports bras, and so forht. But in their own homes and workplaces, most people wear nothing but shoes (except for safety reasons – say, while using power tools, mowing the lawn, cooking bacon, et cetera). The proportions of hot/average/ugly persons in this community is about the same as it is wherever you live now. Well, maybe a little higher among younger people, as there is obviously a bit more pressure to hit the gym, but there are a good number of middle age & older people living here too, and of course children.)

You are not required to adopt this habit; some of your prospective fellow employees do, and some do not. If you prefer, you may dress as you now, or wear little or nothing as you wish, or go back and forth as you choose. But the nature of the job will require you from time to time – at least once a week – to visit clients in their homes or offices, and while nobody will pressure you to strip while doing so, nobody’s going to get dressed while you’re there either.

Would you take the job? Would you take the offered housing? Would you bring your children? Why or why not?

I’ve got no problem with nudity in other people. It’s not my choice as a personal lifestyle, but that is more for aesthetic reasons than morality. If the money was that good, I’d take the job and the housing. If they don’t mind looking at my fat carcass, I don’t mind looking at theirs.

My wife, OTOH, might have a differing opinion. :smiley:

Do you mean that your wife wouldn’t want your carcass looked at, wouldn’t want HERS looked at, or wouldn’t want you looking at others?

If the middle, the scenario leaves enough wiggle room for your wife to stay in your current home and you to go back there on weekends. I should’ve made that explicit, but I think it’s clear. I also should have included Gotta ask the spouse first, but there’s too many options as it is. :wink:

Yes. At least to the first two. Living in two places isn’t an option. If we aren’t together we are miserable. Besides, who would get custody of the cats during the week?

I’d be in, why not? Nudity does bother me, a little, but mainly because I rarely see it IRL. I could easily get used to it.

The housing thing only skeeves me out in that I can’t get away from my work place. People can knock on my door all night? I wouldn’t like that.

I said no go.

I’m a pretty modest person and I don’t even wear shorts, let alone bathing suits, since I think they expose too much (of me).

I have no problem with other people’s bareness.

I would just feel a little hypocritical not joining in.

First, I’m going to assume that this job is basically amazing and perfect for me in every way – it would have to be to convince me to move 90 minutes away (I am so not commuting that far), and I wouldn’t even interview for it otherwise.

So, assuming this, yes, I’d take the job, yes, I’d take the housing. I’ve seen casually (and not-so-casually) naked people before. I am pale as a ghost, so me, outdoors, naked would be sending an engraved invitation to the skin cancer fairy. Nor would I be naked in front of other people, but I am frequently casually naked in the privacy of my own home even now, so it’s not a big deal. I assume the nudists know how to be respectful about it; as long as they respect me, I’ll respect them. If one or more of them aren’t respectful, We Will Have Issues and my employer will hear about them.

Although in all honesty, the only job that could really convince me to move at this point is, say, a recurring role on a TV series shot in NYC or LA, and somehow I don’t see a nudist colony being required for that. :smiley: Anything else I can do, I can do by telecommuting just as well as by moving, and telecommuting allows me to keep my options open.

Hmmm…not sure what exactly I’d be doing as a naked lawyer. Suspect I’d wear at least a jockstrap around the office. Definitely not gonna risk a paper cut there

Otherwise, hell…sign me up. Got no kids, but I think The Druidess could be persuaded to live there.

Not sure how to fill out the poll, though. I wouldn’t change my current bare-ness habits, so I could put “occasionally” or even “frequently” unless you mean that exclusively as “bare in front of other people” (in which case it would be “never”).

Given I have a child now, no. Its not a culture Id be going out of my way for them to grow up in.

(and 90 mins commute just not interested)


What about the culture bothers you?

I’m not sure I understand why you would feel hypocritical. It’s explicit that nobody is pressuring you to strip, and that some persons who work there without living there do not join in. How is taking advantage of an option hypocritical?


Just don’t answer the door.

Assuming the job you’d be taking is in the same vein as you have now, why would you fear nighttime visitors anyway? Does that happen now?

Does your wife work? How much do you see her during the week as it is?

I expect see more of my friend Sarah–ah, make that, see her more frequently–than her husband does, at least from Monday to Friday. They generally decline to socialize singly on the weekends because that is their only reliable time together; if you want to see one, you must see both. That’s not uncommon in my experience.

I wrote that in the OP, and then edited it out as implicit. Since you seem not to think so, I’ll say, yeah, it’s your dream job.

You don’t have to go nude unless you choose; it’s just that you can reasonably expect that, if you had to go to a client’s home, she or he might well be naked as a jaybird.

I should have noted in the OP, however, that it’s customary for people not to strip in the homes or workplaces of others unless the host does. Thus if Alyson Hannigan lived in this community and came to your workplace, she’d stay clothed unless you said you were cool with it. Likewise, if you were visiting her home for whatever reason, she’d not be obliged to put on anything, but you could do as you pleased.

In that case of course I assume you’d rather be clothed, at least until you were acclimated enough to her not to react.

A 15% increase in income would not be enough incentive to get me to uproot my family from our current location, so no, I would not be interested in such an offer.

The nudity thing is a non-issue for me, though.

I’d take the job and move the family there in a heartbeat. I don’t give a rat’s ass about nudity, and if it means I don’t always have to worry about putting on pants to go out and get the paper, what the hell.

I didn’t say it was a 15% increase in income from your current income. I said that the hiring manager responded to your opening salvo by saying, politely, “Ha ha! You could have gotten WAY more than that! Anyway, policy requires me to bump you up by 1/6th. You should really have done a little more research.”

Presumably the first suggestion you made WAS enough to convince you to move, no?

Oh, my bad, I misread that. OK, if that’s a given, then sure, we’d all move to the new place. I got no issue with naked people.

I’m a single male with no kids and I’d take the job, the house, and follow local customs. If I had kids I wouldn’t have a problem bring them along too, though presumably I’d have a co-parent involved who’d also need to be onboard. I’ve been c/o resorts-campgrounds and you rapidly adjust to the nudity. Just remember to always apply sunscreen and always carry a towel to sit on.

Unfortunately for her, the lovely and talented Ms. Hannigan has missed her chance. I’m very much off the market. That said, I’d definitely be cool with having her walk around nude. Just might inspire me to take a long lunch with The Druidess…:wink:

My point exactly. Though you’d not bang her, you still might be tempted to leer, and wives [del]sometimes[/del] generally respond to that badly.

I’d take the job and commute, because I only want to see healthy young women of legal age nude (with certain exceptions re: age and health). I’d wouldn’t go nude because there’s something wrong with anybody who wants to look at me nude at my present age and physical condition ( I look like a Greek marble statue of Adonis now, old, yellowed, and cracked).

Female - took the job & house, I’d at least try going bare - maybe it’s awesome.

I’d get used to it, the job sounds damned nice. It just doesn’t seem practical to run around nude. I’d miss my jeans, rather, my pockets - where would I pack all my stuff?

Maybe I could be naked save for shoes and a utility belt - oh yeah, nudist batgirl, this could totally work.