Would you consider a Hitler moustache to be hate speech?

For purposes of this argument, let’s assume that the person in question does not attempt to make himself look like Hitler beyond having a similar moustache. He does not make racist or anti-semitic comments or wear any sort of racist symbol. He is aware that Hitler existed and had the same sort of moustache, but does not comment further. What would your reaction be? Would you consider this an acceptable facial hair style?

Maybe he’s a Charlie Chaplin fan.

No, I wouldn’t. I would just think it looked stupid.

No, I wouldn’t although it is a terrible facial hair style. Even it was inspired by Hitler, he is seen by some, including me, to be a pretty hilarious and pathetic pop icon these days. Making fun of him by imitating him can be pretty funny as seen in Eric Cartman’s Hitler antics on South Park or in the many ‘Hitler rants’ videos available on Youtube. If I saw someone in a full-fledged Hitler costume, I would probably crack-up laughing.

With no more background info to go on than you stipulate, if I saw some random guy on the street with a Hitler stash, I would think he was just a garden variety “attention seeker” or “drama whore” and then I would wonder why he dosent just regester on the Straight Dope Message Board and tell us all about the things he longs to do to 6 year old girls, or about how he refuses to tip all waitresses who are single-mothers, to punish them for their poor life chioces…

He is certain to get plenty of atttention that way.:wink:

You’re joking, right? Would you consider me anti-semitic if I said I enjoyed Wagner’s music?

Hitler’s positive contribution to humanity is to put the stink on the toothbrush mustache. It was stupid. Oh, and that isn’t an original thought to me, I stole it.

I would consider this to be
an acceptable

A mustache isn’t “speech.”

Sure, if you’re going to be nitpicky about it but that’s not what the OP meant and you know it. Would you like it better if he asked if it was a hateful type of expression?

If he has the guts to wear it, i would grudgingly feel a little respect for his being willing to be what his beliefs likely are. I doubt anyone would think it is a flattering look.

Yes, I would, actually. “Speech” is way more subtle, nuanced, and complicated – and more specific – than the choice of facial hair. Speech acts take place in particular places and times, can be directed at or tailored to audiences, etc., and I don’t think I’m being nitpicky to suggest that there’s a difference between speech and a mustache. (YMM, obviously, V)

If the question is “would I assume someone with a Hitler mustache is an asshole?,” then the answer is yes.

That’s a different question, though.

Is it hate speech ? No.
Do I hate the things? Yes they a ugly.

The way things are going I expect guys with only one testicle will be accused of hate speech.
Short guys too.

How about a Stalin moustache?

Or a Saddam Hussein moustache?

Or a Gene Shalit moustache?

Hell, let’s just lock up anyone with a moustache. Hateful bastards!

Not hateful, just weird with a slant towards stupid. Without any more to go on it’s no more a symbol of neo-Nazism than a shaved head.

I have a beard quite like Lenin’s. I also shave my head. I guess that makes me a nazi-commie…

Anyway, the guy could be a fan of Chaplin. Or on some personal mission to make that style of moustache acceptable again.
Did you actually ask him about it? Rather than go something like “You know this guy Hitler existed, right?”

I consider anyone who has anything against that type of facial hair a *moustachist *who deserves to be run out of town on a rail.

The man with a Hitler moustache is completely hypothetical. I was at a party last night with some of the friends I go to college with. We started talking about facial hair styles and someone brought up the idea of wearing a Hitler moustache and seeing what would happen. Since we’re at school, there was some question as to whether a person with a Hitler moustache would be violating the hate speech provisions of the code of student conduct. Nobody is seriously considering doing it. I just thought it raised an interesting question, specifically whether the toothbrush moustache is now offensive in and of itself.

No. Is it hate speech to own a Kitler?

I think it could be, at least for legal purposes.

Flag Burning is protected under the First Amendment:

Texas v. Johnson

So is wearing a “Fuck the Draft” jacket:

Cohen v. California

I wouldn’t burn a flag, wear a “Fuck the Draft” jacket, or wear a Hitler mustache, but I think it is and should be legal to do so.

This is too funny at my gym there is a guy with a “Hitler Mustache,” and I keep thinking to myself, what is this guy thinking.

Does he think, “That Hitler guy did OK with the babes, I bet it’ll work for me.”

I never thought of it as hate, so much as being horribly out of fashion. Mustaches, all kinds of them are not in style anymore. Of course if you don’t care about style or trends, it’s your choice