Would you date someone who thought being gay/lesbian is wrong?

Lady I’m seeing right now is believes being gay / lesbian is morally wrong. She accepts society allows it, and doesn’t make issues about it but she thinks it’s wrong.

I feel bad hearing that. I accept all gender orientations and sexualities. Would this be a deal breaker on the grounds of personal philosophy? Other things are generally good (at least at the moment)

I’d have a hard time holding any kind of friendship with that person. Whether you believe homosexuals are born that way, or choose it, it’s not wrong.

I had to work with a guy for a while who felt that transgenderism didn’t exist–that people who claimed to be transgender were just crazy, or gay, or attention-seeking. His rationale was that, even after people transition, if you check the DNA, nothing’s changed. We didn’t get along real well.


I’m pretty salty with an acquaintance who posted on Facebook that he’s a Christian who doesn’t “believe” in SSM but doesn’t hate gay people. He believes in his bastard children and living in sin with his gf, tho. I would like to de-friend him but we see each other a few times a year and I don’t want to hear about it.

So no, I can’t be in tune with someone who thinks being gay is wrong.

It’s certainly a deal breaker for me.

Absolute deal breaker. Like as soon as I found out someone felt that way, I’d end the friendship. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Someone who thinks that is not my friend. Can’t be. I have too many gay coworkers and friends to even consider letting someone so gross into my life. No time for that.

Dump that homophobess now. Where there is one irrationally stupid belief, I’ve found that there are many far worse ones waiting to be revealed in the dumbest, most inane circumstances later on.

It would depend on *how *wrong they believed it to be, and why.

Although the OP doesn’t mention it I’ve found that most people who feel this way do so on religious grounds. I’m not religious at all so any strong, day-to-day religious-based beliefs (like anti-gay feelings) would definitely interfere with a relationship for me. Same as being overly concerned with things like legal abortion, the death penalty, assisted suicide etc. I wouldn’t want the person to lie about how they feel, but unless these things are actual, personal issues directly affecting us their mere existence somewhere should not be a concern.

In theory, that particular issue itself wouldn’t bother me, and if everything else about her and her opinions was fine, it wouldn’t be a problem.

But like snfaulkner, I’d be worried about what other stupid and irrational opinions she held, and in practice it would be an immediate deal-breaker.

Yeah, she has a few gay friends and is happy to let them be. It’s just that she thinks…due to her religion…that the act is wrong.

It has raised my “Danger” flags a bit. But…sigh…looks like everyone has some sort of flaw. Except me of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not if I was gay or a lesbian. All kidding aside, one of my daughters is a lesbian and if I was in the dating game, I’d have a hard time dating someone who thought my daughter, her wife, and a lot of her friends, were morally wrong.

…such as…

I refuse to associate with people who don’t agree with me on the topic of abortion. Other than that, I try not to judge people.

Strange that people happily judge people for judging other people. Maybe it’s a topic that she’s really apathetic about, and hasn’t dedicated a lot of thought to. Most people don’t care to sit around and philosophize about every little issue in society. Maybe it’s something she learned growing up. Does that make her bad or inferior? No.

“The act”?

LOL. I can’t imagine where I’d even meet such girls.

As a gay man I can safely say that would be an absolute deal breaker for me. :smiley:


I meant in my everyday life.

You’re probably associating with some of them right now.

I would absolutely date someone who held different beliefs than I do, provided they they take no action intended to harm anyone. I grew up in an era where people were considered free to have their own opinions and their own beliefs without being condemned for them, and therefore I’ve never been one to insist that all my friends and acquaintances march in lockstep with with whatever I happen to believe at the time. And I expect the same from them. I would consider myself well rid of anyone who would reject or abandon a relationship with me because I held some opinion or belief they disagreed with.