Would you give Mike Pence a chance?

  1. I won’t have a choice
  2. OTOH, I won’t be protesting in the streets either, Day 1
  3. His association with Trump buys him 2 things: a permanent taint for being associated with Trumplethinskin and the appearance of being reasonable by comparison.

Am I a big fan of his policies? No. Do I think that he’s likely to be a step up in terms of operating less like a spoiled narcissistic 2 year old.

I haven’t assassinated him yet. Sounds like a chance to me.

I think he’s a cunt irrespective of his relationship to Trump so I wouldn’t be any happier about his presidency. On the other hand there’d be nothing I could do about.


I think the only way Trump gets impeached is if 2018 is a Democratic wave election. Under that scenario giving Pence a chance would mean impeaching Trump but not Pence. Not giving him a chance would mean a double impeachment of Trump and Pence with the Democratic speaker becoming the new POTUS. Under this scenario I would support removing both of them from office and not giving Pence a chance.

The idea that I wouldn’t give anyone a chance implies that I will oppose them on an ad hominem basis regardless of policy. That’s not how I operate. So whether it’s Trump, Pence, Hitler, or the devil himself, I will give them a chance at whatever they’ve been chosen by my fellow countrymen to do. Then when they do good things, I will rejoice, and when they do stupid and evil things, I will oppose them.

I’d prefer Pence to Trump and I’d prefer Ryan to Pence. But at least Pence is a “real” politician with some idea of the decorum of the office. He’s lawful evil to Trump’s chaotic evil.

Ryan seems like a spineless weasel, which would be even better. Unlike Pence I don’t see any legislation originating with him, which would be…well. Not great, but better.

But to answer the question: under President Pence I would be less panicky. In that sense I’d “give him a chance,” though I fully expect everything he would propose would be vile.

Now I’ve got this vision of Ryan and McConnell dressed up like hippies, singing “All we are saying is give Pence a chance.”

“Give him a chance” seems to mean “Sit around idly while he does whatever because he has some grace period”. So, no. I would be immediately interested in what he’s doing and vocal if I think it’s bad. And Pence is blended into this whole Russia thing so, if that’s what took Trump down, there’s zero reason to give Pence a pass on it.

But he’d get to be president no matter what I say so the concept of me “giving him a chance” seems sort of silly.

I voted ‘yes’ in the sense that I would not support blind partisan obstruction and stonewalling of any policy, regardless of merit, such as how Republicans behaved under Obama. This would be equally unethical if Democrats responded in kind.

I would, however, look on everything from him with a skeptical merit-based viewpoint.

Based on his past actions and support I already know that there is next to nothing he can do that I would support him on, unless he made an about-face on his political stance. I see no reason to give someone who wants to oppress me a “chance”. He’s already formed political opinions and I have already judged him to be a scumbag on them. He lost his chance already. He doesn’t start getting judged the moment he gets in office, he gets judged on his whole political history and he’s already down the drain.

I mean, if he suddenly started enacting policies that I agree with, that’s one thing and I would support policies I agree on. But there is no indication whatsoever that would be the case.

No, I won’t give him a chance. Safe money’s on he’s in on the corruption up to his neck so he’ll most likely be taken down during the investigations.

Next question is: are we willing to give Paul Ryan a chance?

Part of his agenda would be to nullify my marriage. I’d fight to the death to oppose him. Among many, many other things.

Chant with me, now:

“Orrin Hatch, Orrin Hatch, Orrin Hatch”

I’ve already given him a chance, and have rejected him as a meaningfully competent politician. He has been my governor and congressman - and he’s been useless every step of the way. The fact that he’ll be marginally better than Trump is not an endorsement - that’s too small of a hurdle to step over to be considered meritorious.

I would give him the same chance I gave Obama and Trump. The Democrats in Congress, if they succeed in removing Trump from office (they won’t) may take the attitude of “finally, somebody we can work with”. Or possibly “one down, one to go” and continue scandal-mongering until they can get a Democratic Speaker of the House into the White House.


There is not a single republican in the goddamn country who deserves to be “given a chance”. Maybe Susan Collins, but even that’s a stretch. This part has made it clear that they are perfectly okay with Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos, and Steve Bannon being in positions of real power. They cannot be trusted with any kind of power. Pence willingly signed up to be vice president to Donald Trump. If we’re impeaching people, he should damn well be on the chopping block.

I don’t get what people don’t get. Will I give him a chance: will I immediately assume he is as horrible as Trump and fight him, or will I wait and hope he might be good?

The latter. Unlike Trump, he never really revealed himself to be so completely awful that I can predict how bad things will be. It’s possible he would stay rather moderate for a Republican, which would be fine–not ideal, but no reason to act like I am with Trump: hoping he will be removed from office, ideally in a very humiliating or painful way, and actively participating in what I can to try and facilitate that.

We’ll put you down as “Maybe”, then.


It’s amazing how much better John McCain and Mitt Romney, and even George W. Bush, appear in retrospect.