Would you give up sex for companionship?

In a heartbeat…if snuggling and kissing is allowed… in a blessed heartbeat.

For me, it’s an easy answer.


I’d just like to meet someone who cares. Sex is not a consideration.

I’ve waited 25 years so far, I can wait a couple more.

Here I think I have to disagree, ModernRonin2. A relationship without sex is not “merely” a friendship. I have many male friends that are just that. Friends. I laugh and joke with them, use their shoulder to cry on when things are going wrong… but I don’t feel a connection with them as anything more than just a really good friend. And then there’s lurker. What I share with him is all that I described in the friendship, along with so much more. There’s the emotional intimacy there that goes beyond anything I feel for any other “friend”, male or female. When he left to go back to NY after his trip to Tampa to see me, it wasn’t the sex that I missed, but the little intimacies, the being with him. And this is someone that I won’t go so far as to say I’m in love with yet, though the possibility is definitely there. If that’s “merely” friendship, why don’t I feel it with others?

Not in the least. Just a person with a different opinion than my own. :wink:

Update to previous post…

I have to agree(big surprise there!) with UncleBill…

If something happened and the SO suddenly couldn’t perform I guess I COULD live with it but I’d buy stock in Duracell first :slight_smile:

But…if from the beginning they couldn’t…it may make me shallow but I think making someone scream your name as they quiver does show love…maybe not in a Hallmark manner but still.

That out of the way…as I said in my girly momoent thread-I do like the cuddling and the flowers. Mixed with roof shaking orgasms makes hardygrrl a happygrrl.


Maybe this is just me …

… but it seems to me that if one person in a relationship is actually unable to have sex, it is only fair that the other person in the relationship be allowed to get it elsewhere. If I were the incapacitated one I would allow my partner to do so. I wouldn’t necessarily want to know about it, but I would assume and accept that it was happening. So to answer the OP, no, I wouldn’t give up sex for companionship - I’d just get it from somebody else.

I’m sure somebody’s going to think that’s horrible, but, whatever.

Ah, the sex Vs friendship debate. Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. Dunno about the rest of you but sex often messes up a relationship! If you like someone a lot & want to be with them, then be friends.

I can’t count the number of people who wish they had just stayed friends cause the person that they liked so much would still be with them.

You know what I find scary about this question? That it brings up converse “would you give up companionship for sex?” and that there are a hell of a lot of people out there who, in an actions speak louder than words kind of way, “hell yeah!” Sad, ain’t it?

And, well, if “all” I’m giving up is intercourse, like I said, no problem. After all, just because you can’t cut the mustard doesn’t mean you can’t lick the bottle. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping I’m not the only one who just flashed on “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” here.

God I feel so old.

And on the OP? I’ve done it. It’s called pregnancy and newborn.

Well, considering that I don’t get much sex anyway (Interpert this as none), I’d have to say that I’d go for companionship. If you could have both…that would be great.

I don’t this is true. I think people who aren’t willing to give up sex for companionship are saying that they would instead go looking for both companionship and sex. Sex is an important part of a relationship, and some people wouldn’t be happy in a relationship without it.

That said, if my girlfriend was suddenly unable to have sex, I wouldn’t dump her. I bet it would strain the relationship, as we both like sex very much, but we could probably work it out.

Nah. Sex is way too fun. And most people are way too annoying out of bed. I’ll take sex anytime.

For the first five years, you have what is called anywhere sex; you’re both eager to do it any place, any time.

For the years between five and twenty, you have bedroom sex; you still have it pretty regularly, but it’s generally confined to the bedroom.

After twenty years of marraige, you have hallway sex; that’s when the closest you come to sex is when passing in the hallway you glare at your partner and say “Fuck you!”. :wink:

I think I got misunderstood. When I meant “out there” I pretty much meant off the boards, as the SDMB seems to generally have a pretty high “no cheating” standard. And by the “giving up companionship for sex” I pretty much meant cheaters.

Specifically, I was thinking of Hugh Grant (cheated on Elizabeth Hurley), David Justice (cheated on Halle Barry), as examples of this. Of course it was more that their SOs were so hot that they had to be clinically insane to cheat on them, but that’s besides the point. :slight_smile:

But in short, I was saying that it’s sad that guys (and, I suppose, some gals) would cheat on their SOs knowing it would end the relationship. Sad I tell you…

I’ve had neither sex nor companionship, so I couldn’t really say.

Though I suspect that I could survive a relationship just fine without sex, to be honest I am not qualified to really say yes or no.

I have a woman companion who says that blow jobs aren’t sex.

I have another companion who says that kissing means a form of sex.

Morals. sigh.