Would you have minor penis surgery to fix a minor inconvenience? TMI?

I deceided to post a new thread while writing my response to Guys: is sitting to pee weird?

As my response notes, I have this very tiny patch of skin that can cause occasional problems by dividing my urine flow into two diverging streams. This means that I can use a urinal normally, but I really can’t aim accurately enough to stand in front a a bowl, so I sit.

It really looks like something that anyone who had the guts and a smooth enough hand could slice in a second with a small scissors or scalpel. or hell – an xacto knife, :rolleyes: . I’ve just never been able to STAND the idea of sliced open skin right on the tip. And urinating over the healing edges just seems to horrble to put myself through voluntarily.

Would you have this done?

No. It’s just a minor inonvenience. No need to go through the pain or finances. Is sitting to pee really that big a deal?

Maybe it’s an evolutionary sexual adaptation.

You have the ability to shoot two seperate streams of semen, one up each fallopian tube, thereby doubling your chances of conception.

But, seriously. I think I’d talk about surgery, but never actually do it. When you’re out in public, you can use a urinal (unless it’s #2, in which case you have to sit anyway). The only place it bothers you is probably at home, where you don’t have a urinal.

Anyway, at least it’s worth a professional opinion at your next medical checkup.

Well, in my opinon, there’s no such thing as minor penis surgery.

I did once have a dermatologist remove something benign from behind the corona… and then cauterize the excision. But his cauterizing iron was far too large for the delicate job. It. Was. Not. Pretty. :eek:

I think I posted my crispychoad photos to alt.tasteless.pictures…

Fortunately, I have amazing powers of regeneration… it was healed within a week, and there’s only a tiny scar.

And the experience of having my penis completely numb was rather disconcerting, as well.

Show your condition to a urologist and get his opinion. It could potentially contribute to real problems.

I have a hard time imagining any potential bad midical consequences from this. There’s no blocked flow – in fact I can imagine worse medical consequences - like infection - if I have it removed than leave it alone.

Having no penis, I have no opinion on the matter, but I do have a book recommendation: The Water Method Man by John Irving. His problem is a bit different than yours, but it was interesting to see what lengths Bogus was willing to go to to avoid surgery on his penis.

take a small dab of superglue and close off one of the openings. :smiley:

My brother had similar surgery when he was a kid. He pulled out all his own stitches…

He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that pesky cervix!

This sounds very much like a simple skin tag (like you may get in your armpits).
It can be frozen off in seconds if you visit a local GUM clinic. No pain, no discomfort, no real issue. You may as well go get it done. *

  • Nothing to pay here either - but no idea if this sort of thing is easily undertaken in the US or what it may cost.

Try to avoid surgery on your penis whenever possible. I speak from experience. You don’t want loss of sensitivity or scarring down there, do you?


Speaking as somebody who experiences the occasional bout of Peyronie’s Syndrome, I’d just like to repeat that.


which counts as a “no”, in case you were wondering.