Would you kiss your girlfriend's zits?

If your baby stubbed her toe or smashed her finger with a hammer, you’d kiss the owie to make it better, right? So if your punkin was depressed over a facial eruption, would you smooch the little pustules to make 'em go away?

And if you did, would she be more likely to say, “Ohhhhh, you always know just how to make me feel better! Come here…”

Or would she say, “EUGH, don’t kiss me again till you’ve brushed and gargled”?

Errrr… OK.


You know, I was really hoping that you had misspelled “tits” in the thread title. I see now that you didn’t.


Depends on the girlfriend, as well as the zit.

If it were a bump, probbly. If it were a festering knot on the ass cheek of Gabrielle Reece, YOU BET.

I don’t have a girlfriend, so I don’t have to worry about it.

If the zit was on the perfectly shaped ass of that chick from Josie and The Pussycats (whose name escapes me at the moment) I would.

Did I mention that she’s hot?


Which chick do you mean? Tara Reid and Rachel Leigh Cook are both pretty hot (I don’t know who else is in the movie)

If the kiss is a loving, nanosecond-long peck to wish the little flareup to go away, fine.

If the kiss is supposed to provide enough tongue-action and suction to burst those pus-filled monstrosities…

 Gabrielle Reece's ass, y'say? Damn.

 *Rachel Leigh Cook's?*  Where do I sign up?

Naw. I’m willing to clean up excrement and vomit, I’ve dealt with pus and blood and eye fluid…but zits gross me out too much to deal with them. :rolleyes:

I mean, duh, use the oldest Mommy (or s/o) trick in the book…kiss your fingers and then press them to the affliction. What, you think if my kid accidentally gets it in the crotch I’m gonna kiss it???

FTR, the OP exhibits a lack of depth that I tend to avoid in my relationships. As I’m sure could be assumed from my first sentence.

“Mmmmm…zit butter…”



Parker Posey

I’m going to treat this as a real question–I guess I’m just in the mood.

The answer is yes, I would kiss her zits. The expanded answer is that I think it’s important to kiss any imperfection, especially those said hypothetical girlfriend was embarrassed about. If I care about her enough that I consider her my girlfriend, then I want her to feel good about herself–all parts of herself.

As in, “Feel that baby?” (as you press her hand to your crotch) “Feel good about your zit baby, it turns me ON! DAMN!” ???

So far it’s 5 yes, 3 no, 2 off-topic, 1 obnoxious, and 1 non-girlfriend abstention.

:eek: No. Sweet Jesus No. Hamadryad has the right idea - kiss finger, apply to zit.

Gotta question fer alla y’all non-zit-kissing, constantly-hand-washing prigs:

If you would eat your girlfriend’s p----, then WHY NOT kiss her zits???

I mean, the former activity has got to be riskier than the latter. It’s not like yer gonna die from zit-germs.

If I kissed my finger and applied it to her p---- in the lieu of eating it, she would kick me out of bed, and then change the locks.

Also: would you give a deep-mouth kiss to your HIV-positive girlfriend?

I didn’t vote in my own OP, so YES I’d pucker up and smack those blackheads. “I’m not afraid of your bacteria” means “I love you.”

Kiss? Yes. lick/suck? No.

And related but not asked:

Pop? Yes please. I’ll pop any zit, on anyone, anytime, anywhere. Well just about. I don’t know why but there is just something so satisfying about popping zits…


I’m guessing you haven’t got laid since sometime during the first Clinton Administration.

tclouie said:

Yeah…I mean, your girlfriend’s potroast can be pretty disgusting.

She has locks on her bed? Man, you got worse problems than acne there.

OpalCat said:

Oh shit…you’re not my ex-wife, are you?

I would kiss it, yes. I would need to be physically restrained to prevent me from popping it. Picking zits is my second favorite hobby.

I would kiss it. If I loved her, I would even offer to pop it with my teeth. :slight_smile: But I think most women wouldn’t even allow you to touch their zits in the first place.