Would you like some . . .

cheese with that whine?

Currently my right inner ear hurts, I have a toothache, sore lower back and I sprained my ankle on Easter Sunday.

Does anyone have any painful chronic conditions that will make me appreciate my generally good health and stop my complaining?

I have no arms or legs.

I post to this message board by slamming my forehead down onto a specially designed keyboard again and again, then painstakingly moving the mouse with my tongue to get the cursor to the letters I don’t want, and then hitting the “delete” key with the tip of my nose.

Ike if your not doing anything next Sat. we could use you as a bag for third base for my son’s peewee league baseball practice.

The dogs chewed ours up.
You can keep your tongue to yourself however :slight_smile:

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

What do we call Ukulele Ike when he goes swimming?


Oh and btw H8, my head hurts, my butt itches and my feet don’t match.

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

What do you call Ike when you hang him up on the wall?


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good dipped in chocolate.

Now, Ike, you should be thankful for what you have. Myron van Horowitzski is naught but a brain in a jar.

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My nose runs and my feet smell.

. . . Omigod, I’m built upside-down!!

What do you call Uke when he’s in a hole? Phil!

Uke, you don’t have arms or legs? Hah! You oughtta try typin’ with this damnable prehensile tail I’ve got. Sometimes the sonofabitch even falls off like a lizard’s. Then I gotta pick it up in my mouth and slap it on the keyboard.

Ukulele Ike wrote:

Then D Marie wrote:

You’re both bastards. My complaint is my sides now hurt from laughing so hard and trying to keep it in from my co-workers.

You crack me up. :smiley:


Evidently, I rock.
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Ike in a pile of leaves-Russel
Ike on a porch-Matt

ok I’ll quit now.

Life Before Death. Why wait?

Not to ignore you, Ike, dear, but I will attempt to answer H8_2_W8’s question. Let’s see, I just got home from getting stitches pulled from having a tooth cut out (broke, exposed root) last week, and then he cleaned my teeth. I am in the process of getting a new van, and had to tear up my house looking for my insurance card, which I just discovered was missing. My osteo arthritis is really acting up (yes, I know I’m too young to have this), especially in my right hip and left shoulder. I haven’t slept the entire night through since my hubby left in Jan. My back is giving me fits right now, I got stupid and tried to sweep and vacuum all of my floors in one day, and my back doesn’t like that. My feet are bothering me from all of the walking I did this weekend, and I’m still not completely healed up from my foot surgery last Nov.

Does that help you?? :wink:

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How about this? My lungs collapse on a regular basis – chronic low-level pneumothorax. When I get the chest pain, I have to stop what I’m doing. It usually goes away after a few minutes as the “bleb” – the hole causing the collapse – seals itself, and my lung reinflates. Every so often, though, this doesn’t happen, and I have to go to the hospital. If it doesn’t reinflate by itself, it’s into surgery for me.

Several years ago, I had a run of bad luck on the left lung. I had a chest tube put in. Sez the doc, this works 90% of the time. It didn’t; I had a re-collapse within four months. Then I had a horrible procedure I won’t describe, other than to say (1) it effectively grouts the outside of your lung and the inside of your chest cavity so they can heal back together, and (2) it’s so painful they give you a memory suppressant so you don’t go insane. Sez the doc, for the 10% who fail the first one, this works 75% of the time. Me? No. Back to surgery. This time, they remove the part of the lung that has the chronic holes, and staple me back together.

And I have a 50-50 chance of going through all of this on the right side.

Plus, my brother, two years younger, has an extremely rare hormonal problem that destroys his kidneys. He’s received one kidney transplant already, and according to the literature, if everything goes as well as it can possibly go, he’ll still be dead in ten years.

Enjoy your toothache.

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Cervaise - I hope your surgeries are successful and your health improves.

To the others, thanks for the laughs. I’ve already stopped complaining about my ankel, except at home when my wife wanted to know when I was going to mow the grass.

What do you call Ike with a stick up his ass?


Jesus, you make just one misguided post around this joint, and ya pay and pay and pay…



(I’m going to go to hell for this. I know I am.)

I stubbed my toe this morning, and it’s gone into long-term pain: not intense, but makes walking uncomfortable. It’s swelled up, too.

Sing glogalimp, sing glugalump,
From deep inside the Wuggly Ump.

Owwwww…my cerebellum hurts…

Your brain-in-a-jar,

Imbibo, ergo sum.

wooooohooo am I lucky. Nope, no health complaints at all.

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