Would You Mod The Dope?

Just because I was curious and it’s always interesting:
So let’s say that tomorrow, you get a PM from the Great One Cecil himself and apparently he’s in a bit of a bind! He needs to find some new Moderators for his precious SDMBs and he needed them yesterday! Luckily, you’re reading this Today and so you’re well prepared to listen to his offer:

Cecil and the Dopers need Moderators, and they want you! They’ll give you your pick of any location on the Dope, and they’ll even let you run the show (ie: if you wanted to make some changes, they’re willing to listen)!

** So, are you a bad enough dude or dudette to take up Cecil’s offer to Moderate the Dope? If so, where would you go?**

The Fine Print:
-This is a public poll.
-You’ll get your Top location, if you want a 2nd one or like two equally, flip a coin and just put down your 2nd on in your post below…
-Assume you had no real world obligations in the sense of Time/Jobs to deal with (so apparently you’re rich and have plenty of free time- money isn’t an issue here)
-If you are a Moderator- uh, feel free to put down where you’d LIKE to moderate if you had a choice (OR just say No to Cecil’s offer if you don’t want the job anymore).
-You will have all Mod powers and such that a Moderator would have in that respective forum, Jack boots optional.

-Totally feel free to share your why’s and where’s you’d like to go, as well as any stories on how you’d wield your new found power! :slight_smile:

I’d do it. For choice of forum, gimme the Pit or GQ. Mostly, I’d maintain the status quo, and follow GFactor’s example. Well, OK, I’d advocate for public flogging for spammers in the Mod email loop, but otherwise maintain the status quo.

I enjoy reading the Dope to much to want to spoil that by actually having to mod. Hats off to those who do it for us, but no way. Besides, I’m not nearly cool enough.

I’d do any forum except GQ or any of the Chicago ones (or the barn house, or Cecil’s stuff). But I’m too young and too unknown, so…

I voted for IMHO because it’s my favorite forum. Mundane Pointless gets a bit too dull at times but IMHO can be funny and kind of bizarre without getting TOO serious (like GD). The Pit is too mean spirited for me.

I would totally do GQ- but wouldn’t want any of the others because it is all just to much for me and I’d have to discipline everyone for anything remotely mean or just plain not nice. :wink: I’m not too young, but way, way too unknown…

It might be fun for a while, but I honestly don’t know how mods find the time, and it’s that commitment/obligation that’s the biggest issue for me.

If you’re a mod you have to read every thread, even the horrible ones. There’s no way. No way!

Whichever one needed a mod.

I had my own board for a while, and it was pretty fun. Plus, I had some very nice people who helped out in a large way. (Hey, Aes!)

But, it was a niche board. The only reason anyone was there was because of a shared interest in the niche.

While I enjoy the Dope, there is no way I could calmly interact with certain types of people in a fair ( & balanced :wink: ) way. Second, I do tend to disagree with the hosts here from time to time. And lastly, I don’t spend a huge amount of time on any MB anymore.

I know a lot of people don’t care a thing what I think, but I like hearing myself talk, so to speak. :slight_smile:

I said “no.” I don’t even trust myself armed with a “report post” button.

I would happily mod the Game Room, or even Cafe Society. (Someone else can have the free mug, though, I have far too many as it is.)

Oh fuck no. I spend all day dealing with spoiled children. It’s my job. Why would I want to do it for no pay on my free time?

I’m not tough enough, nor do I have a thick enough skin to moderate this place.

I’ll continue to deal with convicted felons who insult, threaten, and sue me. That I can handle.

There’s no way I’d be able to deal with what’s dished out over even the most benign situations. Even a forum like MPSIMS can become contentious and I just don’t think I’d have the stones to withstand any onslaught. God bless those that can and do though. Me, I’d just remain a contributor (for what I’m worth).

Or especially the horrible ones. On the bright side, though, the really horrible ones you only ever need to read once.

I was a mod myself, way back in the day, but had to step down because of real-world time constraints. So I suppose that, in hypothetical-land where I didn’t have those time constraints, (note to Dex: The real world is not that hypothetical world) I’d do it again.

Pffft… you’re one of the few youngsters who I’d totally allow to moderate me- but only in the GameRoom :slight_smile:

I myself would want GQ, it seems the “easiest” to moderate- make sure things are real questions or send it off elsewhere, and also the least likely to attract any problems or angry complaints if you just do your job quietly and peacefully.

Maybe I’d move on from there to the Game room and MAYBE IMHO, but nothing more crazy than that… GD, the Pit, and ATMB are just too wild for me.

Some of us don’t have a life. :smiley:

Not true. We can’t come close to reading every thread. That’s why we appreciate when people hit their “report” button. It get’s us there quicker.

Hey! We’re brothers separated at birth!!

Doc. I’m sure you have a thick enough skin. Working with the people you do, you gots to. But, sometime, I gotta admit, it’s probably harder than dealing with criminals. :stuck_out_tongue:

I picked GQ since the option I would really have picked (Comments on Cecil’s Columns) was missing from the poll.

No way moderating is a tedious job.