Would you rather Look Good or Feel Good?

If you had to choose between something that makes you feel good or something that makes you look good, which would you choose? This could be fashion, behavior, diet or any choice which is mutually exclusive; for the sake of this poll, you can’t have both.

Personally, since I reached middle age, I am much more concerned with comfort than I am with style. A few years ago, I developed a large numb patch on my upper thigh which I was certain was the precursor of MS or some other neurological disease. My doctor said is was my belt; apparently it was pinching a nerve on my hip, causing a numb patch on my thigh. Ever since then, I haven’t worn a belt and have adopted suspenders as my trouser technology of choice, and the numbness disappeared. I find suspenders much more comfortable, and my pants don’t lose the eternal struggle with my spare tire. Of course, my nieces think I look like a geezer, but my new braces with leather tabs look pretty spiffy if you ask me.

Do you make concessions from appearance for the sake of comfort? Or will you endure anything for fashion?

Comfort, absolutely.
I won’t buy shoes that don’t feel comfortable in the store (I hate shopping for shoes) and I haven’t worn a shoe with more than a 1 1/2 inch heel in too many years to count.

The “fashion police” would have a field day with my wardrobe. My biggest problem right now is trying to stay cool in the 100 degree summers here in Dallas and still look “professional” when I have to travel and get in and out of my car 3-5 times per day.

Chalk up another “comfort”. I’d hate to feel horrible while looking good. I don’t have to look at me; that’s everyone else’s problem.

It’s not how you feel, it’s how you look.

And I look maaarvelous! :cool:
Not for nothin’… but why is this an either/or proposition?

I don’t spend all day looking at myself. I’d prefer to feel good. And besides, when you feel good, you tend to show it so it’s a win/win situation.

If I don’t think I look good, it’s impossible for me to feel good. Sad but true, but I feel fabulous today! :wink:

For fashion, I’d rather look good than feel good…at least, I’m willing to endure SOME discomfort in exchange for looking good.

With food, I’d rather feel good. That is, I don’t overeat very often, even if it is something I really love. I hate the feeling of being stuffed to the gills.

Behavior…hmmmm…I will do physical exertion and feel it the next day, but I’m not going to take on something like rock climbing for the sake of a thrill when I know I’ll be crippled for 3 days afterward. I would have when I was 25!

Feel good

Feel good, most definitely. My wardrobe contains only comfortable clothing. I only wear dresses when I must, and heels practically never.

I only care about how I look to one person, my husband, and he’s equally attracted to me when I dress up as when I wear my pajamas.

I don’t wear makeup most of the time because I always feel uncomfortable in it, especially mascara. My hairstyle is very simple-- run a brush through it and go. It takes me only minutes to get ready in the morning.

I’ve always felt pity for women who are so insecure that they spend hours grooming themselves and stuffing themselves into tight, uncomfortable clothing.

I think you mean, “I would rather look good than to feel good, if you know what I’m saying!”

Look good. Only you know how you feel, but everyone knows how you look.

There’s a vast amount of middle ground between being soooo casual that you wear sweatpants to work and “stuffing” yourself into clothing and things.

It’s great that you are comfortable in ultra casual, but just because other people aren’t doesn’t mean they spend hours in the mirror.

I forgot to add to the OP, I think it would interesting to put an age with your opinion. I’m 51.

I don’t wear sweats to work. I wear comfotable, loose-fitting slacks and sweaters or blouses. I wear comfortable shoes-- usually Land’s End leather slip-on moccasin boots. That’s about “middle-ground”, if you ask me.

My husband was once told by one of his students that it took her* four hours* to get ready in the morning. I’m sure you know the type-- they’re the ones who look like they’ve just stepped out of a nightclub, wearing clothes that look as if their cirulation is at risk, vast amounts of makeup and elaborately coiffed hair. One of my friends back in highschool was like this. She spent so much time on her makeup, you’d think she was preparing for a Glamour photo shoot, and she couldn’t leave the house unless her hair was “just right.” (Which required about half a can of hairspray.)

I’m about to turn 45, and there’s only so much I can do to look better, within my price range. So it’s some comfort to know that most of the stuff that makes me feel good, like exercise, sleep, and a decent diet also goes to make me look as good as possible. Make-up doesn’t look right on me, I’ve never had the legs for high heels, tight clothes just make me look dumpy. So as long as I’m clean, combed, pressed and respectable looking, I don’t have to worry about it.

This is ridiculous. When you look good and know it, you do feel good. And at least personally if I think I’m looking rather nasty, although I can still manage to find some sort of comfort, I never feel quite as confident and thus just don’t feel as good. That’s just the way it is.

Feel good. 40.

Feel good. I used to think Birks were the ugliest thing ever and wouldn’t go near them. I bought silly little shoes and paid the price in blisters… I used to wear shirts that required special washing or ironing to look right…

Now, it’s Birks and Danskos, and chinos and knit shirts that can hang dry. My hair which I used to product and dry now just air-dries.

At this point I would rather be judged by what kind of person I am so I don’t worry too much about impressing people with looks. Pantihose, heels and skirts/dresses will not find their way onto my body again.

Look good, 25. Many a clubbing night I’ve stuffed myself into a push-up bra and heels, spent an hour on makeup and lotion and glitter, and had a wonderful time. When I look good, I know it, and that comes out in confidence and attitude.
I try to be as comfortable as I can at work, but business attire is hard to relax in. At home, I wear comfy, soft clothes…yet they match. My hair is brushed, there’s usually a little bit of eyeshadow and concealer on…I always try to look good, because it reflects how I want to feel. If I’m having a bad day, at least I can take comfort in that I still look nice.

Depends on the venue. If I’m at work, surrounded by two dozen near-to-criminal-genius 9 year olds, I’m going to feel good, looks be damned. Those yahoos could care less if my hair is twisted up in a bun and I’m wearing a pair of crocs (with socks!). No make-up? It just makes me look meaner when I need it. :wink:

If I’m out on the town. Look good. Mainly because if I don’t feel well, I won’t go out anyway, and it’s not impossible to find sexy, flattering clothes that are still marginally comfortable.

I don’t think I helped your poll at all. Sorry!