Would YOU watch this reunion?

One of my favorite horrible TV shows is Petticoat Junction. What’s not to love about it? As one critic said “three beautiful teenage daughters in a town called Hooterville, and it got past the censors.”

Unfortunately, there was never a reunion movie, and I blame the fact that the show had six different actresses play the three Bradley daughters. Who would you bring back for the reunion?

I’ve decided the only way to do a reunion is to have the daughters come back as zombies. Then when Steve lops the head off of Billie Jo (Jeanine Riley), she simply pops back up in the form of Guinilla Hutton. You could even have a Sorcerer’s Apprentice thing going when Bobbie Jo gets split in half only to reappear as both Pat Woodall AND Lori Saunders.

Betty Jo, of course, would be unkillable – just as in the original show.

Not only would this solve the problem of casting, but I think it would be a lot more entertaining than a clip show.

What other TV shows should come back as zombie/slasher movies?

Heh. :smiley: If it was made per your description I would. Otherwise, probably not.

Happy Days, with a bit of Joannie and Chachi mixed in. But only if it were done super-gorey like Dead Alive.