Wouldn't it have been great if the Bucs beat the Raiders with their old uniforns?

As a kid growing up in the 70’s, I loved Bruce Buccanneer and the Tampa Bay uniforms. They were the best uniforms this side of my Always Classic Steelers (before the recent number changes) and the Baltimore Colts. Classic Blue and White with that white horseshoe on the helmet.

I think it would have been great to see Bruce the Buccanneer kick the living snot of the proud Oakland Raiders. That scene would have set the Pride of the Raiders sliding into the abyss of humiliation, a place they wouldn’t have climbed from anytime soon.

Besides the obvious reasons (sissified, losing mascot that was a link to their terrible past), why did they get rid of Bruce? Outside of the powder blue Charger jerseys, these uniforms were the most unique and recognizible in all the league.

Was that the first time two pirate-themed teams had versed eachother in the Super Bowl?

How many other pirate-themed football teams are there?

That extremely unmanly orange would have sucked all of the talent right out of Warren Sapp and company, and the Raiders would have won 95-0.

*Snooooopy speaks the truth, but I think he was being a bit generous to the Bucs :wink:
I’m still angry about that nonsense…worst game the Silver and Black played all season, and the only one that mattered…AARGH!

Meant to include this in previous post:
The uniforms did play a key role in the game. If the Raiders had their ultra-badass home jerseys on, nobody could have touched 'em, but they had to have the French maid-influenced away gear…AAARGH again

With Bruce on their helmet the Bucs wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.

No Icicle “florida” orange! Bad bad jerseys. I was never so glad to see a team mascot change as I was in the late 90’s when they went to the “jolly roger”. Basically the new owners decided it was time to revamp this team in Talent, Visually, and Commitment to winning to match the up-and-coming city they were based in. Tampa has always been large, but has been going through a rebirth lately.

And Sapp was in the Icicle Orange for one year, right before the change :wink: He was still a trash talkin’ QB killer.