Wouldn't it suck if....

…we all died and it turned out Jack Chick was right?

Wouldn’t that suck?

Very much so. If that did turn out to be the case, I could console myself that the God that is damning me to hell has no compassion or sense of justice. Chick’s God has neither, ruling through fear and teaching his followers to hate those that do not follow him.

Yes, it would.

I don’t think I would want to be in a heaven ruled by a Jack Chick-type of God.

Wouldn’t it sucked if you died and it turned out Jack Chick was God?

Wouldn’t it suck if Jack Chick died and it turned out I was right?

Well… okay… it would suck for him.


Well, see-we’d all be in Hell, and like, we’re so smart, we’d outsmart Satan, and turn it into the Straight Dope Hell.

That would explain The BBQ Pit. :wink:

Heh, the thread under this (before I bumped it) is “My ass hurts…”

Thus creating:

“Wouldn’t it suck if…
My ass hurts…”