Jack Chick's Latest Tract


Also is it just me or does the minister in the tract look like Joel Osteen?

I haven’t noticed- do all his tracts end wih that cheery little checklist (“Do you want to miss Hell? Y/N”)?

The title of the tract is “going down”. The first thing that came to my mind was the other, more pleasurable, kind of “going down”.

I guess I’m going to hell.

**"**Why would he want to save me?"
“Because He loves you, Bob.”

This after we see the eternal torment that a loving god allows for people who were lied to by that prick Bob. Their sin is trusting a supposed man of God; he preached a false gospel and they pay the price. Seems fair. Then he just forgets the horrors of Hell and all the people he’s inadvertently sent there because his soul is saved. He lives on with the happy knowledge that he will go to heaven.

Christianity (at least, Chick’s version of it) is an exercise in self-parody.

I want to know how the western ended.

You’re not the only one. I spend way too much time on this board.

QFT. Why isn’t the preacher wracked with guilt about misleading the people who looked up to him? They are (according to Chick logic) suffering eternally. How can he live with himself? In my view, it’s not enough to admit to a wrong, and say that you’re sorry. You have to try to make things right with all of those you wronged. And if the person or persons you’ve wronged are dead, then there is NO WAY to make things right.

I just did a Facebook rant this week about the whole “If you don’t do … and people die & go to Hell, their blood will be on your hands” concept. Maybe I’ll dig it up & post it here.

As to Curtis’ question, I see a resemblance to Joel Osteen, Robert Schuller the son, and even Billy & Franklin Graham, tho none of those men really look alike.

Oh yeah, I’m with Diogenes, I also want to know how the western ended.

Oh, I’m now convinced it is a parody. Remember last month, and two characters got into a fight, and one of them said, “Stop it you’re killing me!”? Only a parodist would try to sneak something like that into their alleged ravings.

I’ve always understood that verse in Ezekiel as, “If someone is doing something very obviously wrong- cheating on their spouse or something- and you don’t try to talk them, out of it, when they get what they deserve you’ll share responsibility for their punishment.”

Since when do movie cowboys have shouting atches with the villains about heaven and hell?

Wasn’t that the tract where the Marshall went to hell because he didn’t believe, and the criminal went to heaven because he did believe?

What a twist!

I dunno, but I checked Yes, Yes, No. Does this mean I’m going to hell?

I think its interesting that since I have been on this board, I have perused 2 of these, both were posted by the OP.

Quite frankly, I think he is using this board to spread the tracts around. I believe the last one included some commentary about it being silly or overboard, but then why post a second? They will all obviously be absurd, and the only way to get anyone on this board to give a damn is to talk down about it, but you automatically have people looking at it.

So, come clean CLM - are you using this board to “spread the word”?

The way I see it, you answered your own question. The other folks are dead, there’s jack-shit you can do about that and where their souls happen to be residing at the moment, so why be wracked with guilt about something that’s impossible for you to change?

Being familiar with the OP’s posting habits, I wouldn’t put it past him. However, the fact that the description for GD (where I feel this thread will probably be moved to) on the main page says, in part: “This is also the place for religious debates and (if you feel you must) witnessing.” - making me think that witnessing was a problem here long before CLM was around these parts.

I was thinking Osteen as well, but I can see that.

Ooo, maybe the western will be his next tract! And yeah, I suspect the ending will be something like the Marshall gloating over the death of a criminal, while the vigilante in jail the night before sees his brother’s soul, gets the (literal) “come to Jesus” talk, and there’ll be some kind of message about how God is the only one who really deals out justice. Or something.

otternell, I usually see the latest tracts posted in the BBQ Pit by other people, so regardless of motive (in the Pit-posters’ cases it definitely seems to be parody) it’s not uncommon for them to turn up here.

A side mission of this board is to let people know when new Chick tracks are available and critique them. That has been happening for many years and lots of people have posted about them. It has nothing to do with the OP or any one poster spreading the word. I personally consider it a benefit because I love Chick tracks so much it makes me tinkle myself a little when I see a new one is out. It brings back that feeling I once got as I bounded out of bed on Christmas morning as a small child. Jack Chick just has lots of fans and gawkers on this board because he has some special um, writing and artistic skills.

The only difference I see is that this OP puts them in MPSIMS, while they’re traditionally placed in the pit – where they belong.

Maybe. . . with a touch of Tony Robbins.

i could tell the minister was the “bad guy” from the second he said “haw haw”. I’ve actually taken to saying that when i do something particularly blasphemous or mean.

Oh how I love Jack’s view of the modern world

“In the story, they were talking about hell”.
“Oh for goodness sake, that’s not even acceptable in the 21st century.”