Jack Chick's Latest Tract

I have to ask: does Pastor Frank resemble Jack?

Probably not. From what I’ve read from people who have met him, Jack kinda resembles Slim Pickens- stocky & a squared-off head without unusually large ears.

I dunno. There’s a bit of outrage fatigue for me. The Pit implies that we’re fired up mad about this, and I at least can’t bother being that anymore. Jack Chick made a new tract? And the sky is blue. So what?

And, really, there’s nothing we can say about them here that we can’t say about it in the Pit.

The one reason I think Curtis may have put it here is that he always gets trounced in the Pit. I could see not really wanting to post there if I were him.

In Chickworld, EVERYBODY has shouting matches about heaven and hell. Even in the movies. Also in Chickworld, Americans are capable of going through life without ever having heard of the basic tenets of Christianity. When exposed to the notion that Jesus died for their sins, these Americans promptly see the light, fall to their knees, and pray for Jesus to forgive them and to enter their hearts.

Personally, I find he’s been getting a lot funnier lately. At least the ones that were posted here the last couple of months were much funnier than the ones I remember reading before. Used to be, they were just tiring.

Me, too. I’ve never not opened a thread about a Chick tract. It’s hard to put into words why they’re so special.

I don’t remember anyone expressing genuine outrage about Chick tracts in a long, long time. Maybe ever. The tradition of placing them in the Pit predates my membership here, and maybe when it started, it really was about expressing some anger, but for as long as I’ve been here, the threads here have really been about amusement and snark, not anger. Even the snark has gotten less mean spirited. For a lot of us, Chick is regarded with border-line affection, not hatred. I don’t think MPSIMS is necessarily out of line for these threads, even though it breaks tradition. New chick tracts are savored and cherished around here more than excoriated.

Yikes, you guys are a lot more blase about evangelical clap-trap than I am, but maybe I’m just a poor little atheist who only really noticed how serious Christians were. When I was a kid, there was a phone number we stumbled on somehow that had a recording asking you to repeat after it: “Dear Lord Jesus, I am sorry for all the bad things I had done. I ask you to wash away my sins in your blood. Thank you Lord Jesus, in Jesus’ name.” We thought it was a hoot! How could someone would actually be converted by it? But they must … or Christians wouldn’t keep trying, would they?

I certainly wasn’t expressing outrage. I haven’t read anyone here expressing outrage. I just (and still) think this is CLM’s way of “spreading the word”. His right to do so, of course, he’s not breaking any rules. I think it is interesting. Perhaps I’m a wee bit paranoid (seeing christian conspiracy everywhere), but no, no outrage. My boss is a very vocal catholic, and I can’t even talk about a movie I watched over the weekend without him freaking out about something - this stuff definitely feeds the paranoia. So no fear DTC - no outrage, genuine or feigned! :wink:

Even *preachers *somehow manage to not read the bible.

Clint Eastwood killed all the bad guys.

I just rented that movie, dammit! Use spoiler tags next time. Sheesh.

LOL! He sure does. Houston’s premiere snake oil salesman.

Don’t worry about it; he’s either kidding, or he’s making it up.

Tom Berenger shot the guns out of everyone’s hands. There ya go. One spoilered western movie ending. Accept no substitutes.

Well presumably in the world of Chick the pastor will try to make up for it by aggressively preaching the Gospel. Won’t be too surprised if he appears in a new tract warning of the dangers of Hell.

No. While I agree in theology more with Jack Chick than the Ayatollah, Richard Dawkins, or even the Pope I don’t approve of his paranoid conspiracy theories nor his extreme anti-Catholicism.

There are quite a few of them in Texas-John Hagee for one.

My darling wife is in Hell right now
And I’ll soon be there too,
Because of you
Because of you-ooo

It’s got a beat, and I could dance to it.

Let’s face it - Christianity just ain’t worth a crap without a real, flaming, souls-screaming-forever-in-unimaginable-torment-surefire Hell. It’s a lot easier to put up with all the crap in this life if you think that you can lord it over the unbelievers in the next one. None of this mamby-pamby Jesus Loves Everyone shit.

Easy. The villain went to hell, and the true believers who lynched him went to heaven. The End.

So if I’m getting the deeper theological implications right here, the two choices I have are suffering eternal damnation or distributing Chick tracts? It’s not enough to just believe everything Chick is saying; you’ve also got to tell it to other people in order to be saved.

So according to Chick, spitting it out is better than swallowing?

As a pragmatic atheist, I see Fundamentalism as a threat to civilization, but Mainline Christianity as mostly innocuous. I like it when Jack Chick et al. alientates the mainliners, because I want them as allies against the Fundies, not passive enablers.

True. The Farting Preacher up in Dallas was my favorite. But Joel’s daddy larnt him well; he’s the King of the Grifters.

From a pragmatic viewpoint, I think I agree. If it’s not too much to posit in a MPSIMS thread, I’d prefer a world without religion, but a world where religious mentalists were generally denounced by the “moderates” would be a very good second choice.

If Religion is broadly defined as “A system of beliefs dealing with the nature of the Universe and our place in it”, then there will NEVER be a World without Religion.

Humans are too well attracted to isms.