WoW: Cannot Resurrect

Hey Again

I got killed and chose the option of finding my corpse rather than taking a 25% hit on my health, but even though I’m standing right on top of my corpse, I cannot get the “Resurrect Now?” dialog box to appear.

In-Game Support says log out and log back in - no go. I also tried coming at my corpse from another direction - nothing. I am in Fargodeep Mine area and not underwater, so I don’t know what the problem is.

I put in another request for help, but gaven’t heard back and this is the third day this has been going on.

Computer is clean and resurrect works on all other characters.

Can y’all help, please?



A. The answer you’ll get from your next GM: Delete your WTF Folder and any addons and try again.

B. Wait until Tuesday morning for the server maintenance/reset.

C. Just use the spirit healer, the debuff is temporary (up to 10 minutes depending on your level) and will only cost you a little money in item repairs, which if you’re leveling you’ll make back in 20 minutes.

Jragon, thanks for your help! You know, I didn’t have the WTF, CACHE and INTERFACE folders installed (is it really called the What The Fuck folder?) So they sent me a zip file with a repair kit inside.

Tried to unzip it, but got a message from Winzip telling me I had to buy their service (thought it was free), so I did that, unzipped the kit and downloaded it. I hope everything is fixed now, but I won’t know till tomorrow because I had to leave for work and didn’t have time to check.

Anyway, just a big THANK YOU to you and all the others for helping me out. For reasons best explained in another thread of mine, I really enjoy this game, and I miss playing it.

PS: How long does the patch run on Tuesday? (Can’t get to the site from work)


… I got the following partial message in my e-mail:

If you are still experiencing these issues or you are unable to locate your corpse, you may use the Spirit Healer to revive the character in question. However, if you wish to use the Spirit Healer,*** we cannot reimburse for the associated penalties***.

I *thought * this meant the 25% hit against my health, but today I checked my bank statement online, and there was a one dollar charge listed.

Do they now charge you if you open a ticket???



I’ve never been charged to open a ticket, that I can remember anyways. I havent had a trouble ticket since I first started playing a couple of yrs ago so things may have changed.

Jragon forgot to add:
D. You are developing an addiction to WoW, therefor we must not allow you to rez for another 24 hrs.


Heh-Heh, Pix:slight_smile:



Nah, I can quit anytime I war to.

Well, I checked through all my WoW files and I STILL don’t have the WTF, CACHE ad INTERFACE folders after running the repair, and guess what - ol “Wolkenlaufre” still cannot rez.

I hope I don’t have to start all over?

Just use the spirit healer. The debuff only lasts for 10 minutes, and the 25% durability hit against your items is more or less unnoticable until you start getting purple gear at 70. I have no idea what that $1 charge was – Blizzard doesn’t charge you for anything except the subscription fee.

The “penalty” they won’t reimburse you for is the cost (in WoW money) to repair your gear after you rez at the spirit healer, but if you’re lower than level 10, you don’t get that penalty anyway. I don’t know what the $1 charge would be… could it be for WinZip?

The associated penalties refer to the fact that, in addition to the rezz sickness, all of your items (equipped and in inventory) will receive a 25% durability hit which costs in game money to have repaired.

As for the $1 charge, perhaps an authorization charge to make sure the credit card is valid? If so, will probably be credited or reversed.

I think it’s only the rezz sickness that doesn’t apply if you’re lower than level 10, but I could be mistaken.

Lurker’s right, you still take the durability hit even if you’re lower than level 10. But at that level it’s just a few coppers anyway - just don’t ask Blizz to reimburse you for 'em :wink:

Thanks to all of you for helping this ol’ warrior play the game!

As I said before, I am having heaps o’ fun, and yeah, hell - I guess I am addicted, but at 58, I think there’s a lot of worse things I could be hooked on, don’t you?

I just wish the Doper Guild didn’t use Orcs. I’m ugly enough in real life, and now y’all have me walking around in a body that looks like a wart! :wink:

Just kiddin’

Been trying to get that special gaming keyboard (Z-Board?), but everywhere I look, they’re sold out. Anyone have one, and what do you think?

BTW, hello Lurker and thanks for the visit to my blog! :slight_smile:


Glad to help, Quasi. But I’m not sure what you’re referring to with your blog. It may me another lurker!

I’m Kruler (of various spellings) in the Burning Dog Legion. Was that you that joined the other night?

Yes, I did join and was lucky enough to be able to use this name! :slight_smile:

And I guess I do have you confused with another “Lurker” who wrote a comment on my blog, sorry, but hey! I made a friend, right?:slight_smile:

I’ll look for ya, Kruler!:wink: