Wow, I'm a real person now.

Tuba called me by name and everything.

Tuba, If you had bothered to read further than the post that was reported to you, you would’ve seen that I had said I was sorry for my original post.
And mentioning something twice, is not “beating a dead horse”.

I have been spending most of the day at “the other place” . Because someone there had the decency to take it there instead of blasting me here. But thanks to you, I’m going to now get blasted here.

Let the blasting begin…

All this whine for $7.95 a year.

Pass the cheese, please.

Why are you doing this?

Target practice? She wants to serve as the clay pigeon?

I dunno.

Because I love you.

Of course I don’t WANT to get blasted, but I know I will. So, I’d rather just get it over with.

$7.95? I only have to pay $2.99.

Ooops, was I not supposed to let that out?

They’re gonna really be mad now.

Did it never occur to you that the “beating a dead horse” referred to the Bosda-tweaking, not you?

This is not going to go well for you, hillbilly queen. You do realize that, right?

I can’t tell whether you’re Pitting Tuba Diva or preemptively Pitting yourself. It’s disingenuous to claim you were ‘going to get blasted anyway’, then promptly invite posters to blast you. If you don’t want the attention, don’t court it.

Your choice, of course, but don’t cry, “Persecution!” to us when it backfires.


I have never tweaked Bosda in my life!

Not pitting Tuba. I just want everyone to get it out of their system, so when I come back, I don’t have to deal with it.

Oh, get off your fucking cross.

Being the object of derision isn’t fun but it isn’t the end of the world either. I’ve been the subject of half a dozen anonymous threads (some deserved, some not) over the past year and a half but haven’t once whined about it here. It only gives them more to talk about and makes you look like an idiot here as well.

Maybe she’s already blasted? :smiley:

Hell, it’s a Sunday afternoon. It’s possible.

hillbilly, you’re acting like the middle-schooler who goes out of their way every day to walk past where the bullies congregate. If snark doesn’t bother you, then act like it doesn’t bother you.

You know, I went back and read that thread starting with your first post to it. I’m still trying to decide which is sillier; your first post to the Bosda thread in ATMB or this OP.

Of course they’re silly! That’s what I do around here. I handout the silly.

Oh. I didn’t realize that was your shtick.

Yep, that and the bad spelling.

You might wanna request that this thread be locked. No good will come of it, and people will forget a minor faux pas in short order in any case. Best to drop this, you only got a slap on the wrist anyway.


Get what out of ‘their’ system? Who’s this generic ‘they’ you’re worried about?

Since you aren’t Pitting Tuba Diva, then as far as I can tell this thread is just a vague invitation for posters to flame you on general principles.

Don’t think so.

I don’t know what you’re referring to with “when I come back”, but if you’re taking a break from the Dope, then post a general adieu in MPSIMS.

This isn’t Pit fodder, and it’s locked.