Wow, it's snowing

Lovely flakes are swirling about in the air. They’re not staying on the ground though. It’s not cold enough.

Lucky bastard.

:: shivers ::

I’m jealous.

Keep it there. I’m enjoying my summer and dreading its approaching end.

you can’t even make a snow dingo.

My wife’s cousin went snow skiing last week.

She lives in New Zealand.

My brother’s skiing at the moment, here in Australia.

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Maybe if I won the lottery I could migrate between the northern and southern hemispheres every six months.

If I won the lottery, I’d probably do the same, but oppositely. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons.

Yeah, well, you’re in Australia, pal. I’m in California and we actually have had rain here! In August! It’s summer here! How often do YOU have rain in summer? :smiley: