WOW on South Park - 10/4

Yes, I know it hasn’t aired yet, but it looks like it will be a funny one. Looks like they’re going to be making fun of WOW. I saw a video teaser earlier (there’s an AVI and MOV version), and it looks like they’ll be using actual CG from the game akin to the anime cut scenes from “Good Times with Weapons”. Even many of the non-WOW players I know are interested in seeing it. It looks like a brilliant piece of exposure for Blizzard just in time for the expansion. I know the SMDB is loaded with WOW players, so is anyone else looking forward to it as much as I am?

Well, since no one else wants to respond… hell yeah! I’m looking forward to it!


So far, I am not disappointed. Reminiscent of the ninja episode.

Oh. I see the OP covered that already…


When I saw the headline, I thought the WOW in question was the brand of potato chips famous for being linked to anal leakage. And anal leakage is definitely up South Park’s alley.

That’s it? An episode where they make fun of WoW/gamer geeks?

And Kenny didn’t even die! What’s up with that?

Dude, they quit killing Kenny years ago.

Damn, I didn’t know SP was starting tonight. I’ll have to warch the repeat.

Can somebody tell me what WOW is? I have no idea what the OP is talking about.

World of Warcraft. It’s a MMORPG that, I believe, is not supposed to have some of the player-killing that can infest other MMORPGs.

I played WOW for a year or so and I found the episode underwhelming. Blizzard was clearly involved every step of the way (not that that’s a bad thing) though. The story kind of fell flat for the most part and there weren’t many funny lines.

4 out of 10.

That was funny. Damn funny.

Kenny was killed in the first segment. Only it was his avatar.

Huh? There’s plenty of PvP in WoW. There was even a major bruhaha in gaming circles after an ugly incident where several players held some type of in-game memorial service for a friend that died in real life. They chose to do this in a PvP zone, and a group of other players attacked the memorial service. One side argued they were fair game because the incident was in a PvP zone. The other side argued it was innapropriate under the circumstances. Nastiest nerd fight since the big Kirk/Picard fan rumble…

That was WOW? Oh well.

I don’t play MMORPGs anyway.

“Uber pwned.” Nice.

However, players of the same faction cannot kill each other…ever. The kind of player-killing shown in the episode can’t happen, which is why it was supposedly a big deal.

That shit is real? :confused: Just think of all the time I waste skiing. :eek:

That was kind of amusing. I’ve heard of World of Warcraft but never actually seen it before. It looks like it might be a fun, addictive sort of game. I loved the stare of blank incomprehension on the face of the uber nerd after his player finally got killed.

What’s Blizzard?

I thought it was a fun episode, but never having played World of Warcraft, I think I was whooshed a few times. For those of us non-gamer geeks, can some WOW experts fill us in on the in-jokes we missed out on? Did Matt and Trey get the details right? Does the game really look like that?

The company which made the game.

Does anyone want to take any bets as to when that sword will appear in the game? It won’t have +80 stamina, though.

Would it be too geeky to say that I noticed that Ike was the best equipped person in all of South Park?