WOW this is so amazing !!!

HSBC Sevens World Series Live Stream
UFC 196 Live Stream
France vs Russia Live Streaming
Scotland vs Denmark Live Streaming
Colombia vs Ecuador Live Streaming
England vs Netherlands Live Streaming
Preakness Stakes 2016 Live Stream
Pro Motocross 2016 Live Stream
NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race 2016 Live Stream


why are moderators spamming us now? 4/1/16?

Reported. I’ve already got all those games.


Bahaha :slight_smile:

I less than 3 you, Idle Thoughts .

Well, played, sir. Well played! :smiley:

She’s at it again!!

Sonofabitch, I come in here to find a livestream of England vs. Netherlands. And then you post this April Fools crap?

Not cool, man, not cool.

Psst. Click on the links. Really. Won’t hurt a bit. :smiley:

Here you go: Live Sportstream

Kudos, IT. Nicely done.

Now that’s more like it.

I got the Oranjekoorts, baby!

Why do I not want to click on those links?

What about these links?

All I could see/hear in my head was the portrait of the fat lady in Harry Potter saying “so AMAZING!”

Perhaps he’d prefer to hit these links.

Your link seems to be broken.

Ok, despite my natural inclinations, I’m somewhat amused.


It’s better than last year’s prank.