Wow, You Look So Young!

Chatting this afternoon, we came up with another nifty idea that should be a lot of fun …

Send in your High School Graduation picture, or if you prefer and haven’t graduated yet, a baby picture of yourself, or evem both if you want to, to

Along with the people Pages, Shayna is going to set up a page of these where you are invited to guess who is who and wonder what the hell happened to them.

Send 'em in! The more the merrier!

Please make sure you include your SD handle somewhere in the body of your email so I know who is who.


I’m sorry, but I’ll have to sit this one out.
There is NO WAY I am sending in my yearbook photo…1991 was a year of Very Big Hair. :wink:


Any young age will do, Wicked Blue - baby picture, young girl, pre-teen, etc.

Also, we’re going to play this like a “game”, so it’s only going to go for a limited time.

I’ll accept pictures over the course of the next 1 week only. Any pictures received by 11:59PM EST, Monday, January 8th will be included. Shortly thereafter, I’ll put the page up with all the pictures, number them, and then we can use this thread to post our guesses.

We can play it by ear how long people want to guess before everyone’s dying to have the answers revealed.


My pic’s sent, Shayna.

Just a bump! This sounds great!

What a fun idea! Count me in.

I haven’t changed in the ten years I have been out of school, so I am digging up a younger one.
This could be scary!

I am sending in my baby picture! So everyone else has to, too!

Just so happens that I scanned my HS grad pic… and I’ve got a cute pic of me as a 2-y/o… I shall do my best to get them sent off this weekend… this sounds like fun.

I will try to get to a scanner tomorrow so I’m giving this a bump!

What if any baby pics are missing in action, and I’m currently in high school?

I just wanted to announce that my pic is in the mail! Nope, not trying to bump this cause I wanna see everyone’s baby & hs pics, nope, not me, no way, no how… :wink:

Luckily for both of us, tater, I am;)

I need an update: Was this page ever actually set up?

Yeah, what gives?