WRAL-TV in Raleigh refuses to air Cupid!

The Raleigh, NC affiliate has become the only CBS affiliate in the nation that is refusing to air Simon Cowell’s new reality show “Cupid”, allegedly because it sends the wrong message about the sanctity of marriage. Now the show is no doubt gonna suck anyway, but I’d rather have the option to watch it and make my own mind up, than to watch reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show”. (No joke!)

Mind you, they had been running ads and promos for the show for months now, and yet wait till the day before to make a big show of pulling it.

And I can’t help but wonder whether the rumors are true that rabid fans of Clay Aiken (the Raleigh native who almost won American Idol) bombarded the station to pull it, seeing as many of them had an axe to grind over Simon’s lack of enthusiasm for Clay.


Here’s the link to the story…

Nothing to do with Clay.

I can’t seem to work up any anger over this…

Actually, I agree with the station. Hell, dead air would be better.

Now if only my local FOX affiliate would be so disciminating…

Yeah, consider yourself lucky.

Good for that TV station.

If their network affiliate sends them shit, they should be commended for calling it what it is and for not broadcasting it.

Ah, Cupid. Another one of those shows highlighting the one real reason women get married – it’s state-sanctioned prostitution!

Naturally, people don’t get married because they love each other. Heavens no. What women are looking for is a man with lots of money that they don’t mind eating the occasional dinner with.

Like, duh.

Yeah, I’d watch Andy Griffith over that cheap shit.

Gads, what garbage. When this kind of crap is the only thing on TV, I push the magic button with “OFF” printed on it, and read a good book instead.

No Andy Griffith overload, no electricity wasted just “to have something on”, and I actually gasp enjoy the stuff I’m exposing my mind to.

Can’t go wrong with a good book.