Write a Story One Letter at a Time!

OK! I can’t stand it anymore! Maybe it’s already been done (In fact, I’m pretty sure it has) but, it’s time for:

Write a story one letter at a time!

Pretty self-explanatory-- just add another letter to the story. You can add a space if you like, so long as what preceded it is a word and (hopefully) in context (at least a little bit). If the sequence of letters laid down before you don’t make sense (e.g. “r-o-a-s-x” then you can delete and replace the last letter. Punctuation can be added by anyone whenever it would fit, but it counts as a letter.

NOTE: this is partly a satire of all the “Write a Story” threads, but maybe it’ll work.

I’ll start with a big ol’


(Note that one letter posts are not allowed, so future posters might want to have the preceding letters).

Sorry, guys, but this is entirely too tedious and pointless. We encourage you to have fun, but a thread like this just spawns post-padding. Cafe Society is really meant for discussions of the arts (not stories written one letter or even one word at a time), and this thread wouldn’t even survive in MPSIMS. So, closed it is, I’m afraid.