WTC 9/11 Mystery-Did They Find This Guy?

I just remembered something about the WTC disaster…have all of the missing people been accounted for? Specifically, I remember that the mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY lost her husband…he disappeared on 9/11. However, the was interviewed, and admitted that her husband had no business at the WTC, and no reason to have been there on that date.
My question: has this guy ever been found? Or was this an elaborate hoax to fake his own death.
Seems like a nice way to drop out of sight…even better if there is a massive life insurance policy!
Anyway, how long do insurance companies wait before having someone declared leaglly dead?:confused:

Juan Lafuente, husband of Poughkeepsie mayor Colette Lafuente, worked at Citibank in lower Manhattan. On his memorial page, CNN lists his location as:

There are hundreds of victims whose remains haven’t been identified, so unless you have additional information, there is no reason to doubt that he died on September 11.

AFAIK, he’s assumed to have died in the WTC attacks.

This memorial page lists him (Juan LaFuente) still, and his record was last updated June 2002.

He may not have had business at the WTC, but he worked in Manhattan. If you click his name, it lists location as ‘number 4 subway line.’

Insurance companies wait until a death certificate has been issued. Giuliani sped up the process for getting certificates issued in the absence of bodies being found specifically for the World Trade Center attacks.

Yet there still is the possibility that some clever person could have “disappeared” on that day.

When I saw this thread’s name, I remembered this amazing 9/11 tale:

and thought the OP was referring to the mysterious ‘Sgt. Thomas’ mentioned in the story.

Does anyone know if they ever found Sgt. Thomas?