WTF Celebrity News: Jennifer Hudson's family killed

Wow. I can’t even imagine what this is all about.

It’s terribly sad.

Who’s Jennifer Hudson?

That’s kind of a threadshit; regardless of your prior knowledge, **cricetus **provided a link.

That is a sad situation. Hope they find the boy, and that he is unharmed.

2004 American Idol finalist, 2007 Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls). Moderately successful (if not particularly prolific) singer and actress, in short.

I kind of hope for her sake, that her family wasn’t targeted because they’re her family…It’d be horrible to have something like that placed on her shoulders, on top of the tragedy.

They’re saying that her sister’s sometime boyfriend is the main suspect right now, so it sounds like a domestic thing, not a celebrity thing.

Did I understand the article to say that her nephew, who is “missing”, is seven years old but five feet tall and 135 pounds? That’s huge for a seven year old.

Her performance in Dreamgirls is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a movie. I’m a beer-swilling hetero football fan, not a diva-worshipping gay dude (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and I was deeply moved by her performance.

It says the missing boy is Jennifer’s nephew, but it doesn’t say if he is Jennifer’s sister’s son or Jennifer’s brother’s son.

As the suspect is her sister’s boyfriend, I would guess that the boy is the sister’s son, but the article really doesn’t give enough info. It does say that the boy was living in the house with Jennifer’s mother and brother. It does not say whether or not the sister was living in that house. So, it could be that he is the brother’s son.

The article really gives very little information about the sister, but with breaking news often there just isn’t all the information available right away.

ETA: actually, the article says that the sister’s boyfriend (the suspect) was living at the house- so I assume the sister was living at the house too. Seems more likely to me that the boy is the sister’s son.

your google broke or just like to threadshit?

No disrespect at all intended when I say “Holy fucking shit”. That is horrible. And with the holidays around the corner too.

I hope they find the nephew safe and sound and the murderer gets brought to justice. Beyond that all you can say is “that poor family”. To lose one person to senseless violence is something I wouldn’t wish on anybody but two at once- damn.

I’m reminded of when the parents of Patrick Duffy (who IIRC learned from a reporter who came to his house) were killed in an armed robbery for a few hundred dollars in the till of their cash register (they ran a business). Duffy was then earning millions in what was second only to Larry Hagman as the highest TV show contract in history, a disparity made much of at the time. I’ve wondered before if he retained his Buddhist faith after it.

No words make sense other than variants of “that’s horrible”.

It didn’t give her brother’s last name; the nephew’s was King. Jennifer Hudson is the actress/singer’s birth name (her parents evidently never married as her father’s surname per wiki is Simpson) so I’m assuming it was her brother’s surname also.

Which doesn’t say who she is, only that her family’s dead. But thanks for your thoughtful answer to my honest question. You too, askeptic. Its posters like you who make the Dope what it is.

I hate undescriptive OPs as much as the next person, but the first two words in the article, her name, have a link to her bio. I missed it on first look since it’s pushed to the right margin, but I did already know who she is. (Being a Chicagoan helps, I suspect.)

I figured people who didn’t know who she was would just not give a shit and move on.

And if my OP is curt, it’s because I saw no point to summarizing an article I linked to and had very little to add.

Just heard about this. Very sad. :frowning:

Good point… :frowning:

Actually, if you look to the right of the story, there’s a whole listing of links to other stories about her. Without even clicking on them, it’s pretty apparent who she is. Nice job.

Suspect is now is custody.

Story here

Simply Dreadful