WTF!? How did my Hotmail contacts end up in my wife's AOL address book?

I just found out that all my Hotmail contacts, among others, have turned up in my wife’s AOL account. I know the password of her AOL account, and sometimes log into it to help her with technical problems, but how did my addresses get over there? I never did anything intentionally to make that happen.

What goes on?

Maaaan you are sooooo busted. Your wife must have installed HoochieFinder. Hopefully, she didn’t upgrade to the ForensicsPlus version.

Seriously, I think it’s a feature where you can import your mail lists and perhaps you hit it with an inadvertant compination of keystrokes?

I’m as pure as the driven snow.

How many times have you driven over it?
(Thank You! I’ll be here all week!)

Do you have your Hotmail account set up as the .Net Passport account for your computer? (if you and Wife share a login on the computer)

To check this out, in XP, go to Start - Control Panel - Users - [your user account] - “Change my .Net Passport”

Could be that AOL has access to that setting and was able to import addresses via that.