WTF is this stupid vampire thing?

Every time I use SD I see this stupid vampire movie thing playing in the advertisements bar. WTF is this? Is it supposed to be an advertisement or something? And who thought some ugly chick Twilight knockoff would appeal to SDers?

Is it the one that runs for like two minutes but doesn’t ever bother to tell you what the title of the movie/show is? Stellar job of advertising, that one.

It was bothering me too and I mentioned it in several ATMB threads about ads. Finally someone figured out what it was. It is from an Isreali TV show called Split. I was able to sleep peacefully again.

You may be sleeping peacefully, but I’m more confused then ever. Why is an Israeli TV series, which apparently isn’t broadcast in English, advertising over and over on the SDMB? And not even saying what it is?

The torch has been passed to you. Go forth and investigate.

Jewish vampires are known for their inscrutability.


I can’t believe nobody’s gone for the Blood Libel comment yet. . .

Jewish vampires definitely sounds like the subject of a bad standup comedy routine.

They are those things that some of us have to put up with. You see, I look at this site from various computers at various times. Some of those devices I have control over, others not.

Exactly. My Android tablet exists to remind me that “advertisements” exist. Which is probably why all the tech reporters are insisting that desktops and even laptops are going to disappear in favor of everyone using tablets. Wishful thinking on the part of people dependent on ad views.

“Bubbe, it von’t do you a bit good…”

And dual loyalty.

Are Jewish vampires afraid of Magen Davids?

Is human blood kosher? Do Jewish vampires fast on Yom Kippur? Clearly these are deep and relevant issues that need to be explored.

Well, it did make for a bad Mel Brooks movie.

Seen it. The punchline is (on confrontation with a cross), “Oy, poopie, have you ever got the wrong vampire!”

A Jew and a vampire walk into a bar…

Which film was that?

Dracula: Dead and Loving It, I assume. Never saw it, myself.

ETA: Looks like somebody put the whole thing on youtube